Amazing Vacation In Ecuador

Latin America is always a great destination for travelers, and when it’s Ecuador, it’ just wonderful. This charming country is full of wonders, the natural wonders, cultural wonder, and historical wonder. My friend and I went on a tour of Ecuador with this travel company and this travel company is also no less wonderful. They turned our trip really comfortable with their wonderful service. They provided us with excellent customer care service and delivered a perfect itinerary that included wonderful destinations to visit. We enjoyed our trip from the start to the end. The accommodation in all the locations was great, comfortable with a spectacular view. We enjoyed delicious Ecuadorian cuisine every day of our stay. The transportation was smooth, we were received by their representatives at the airport and they transferred us to the hotel safely.  The English speaking guides were excellent. They are knowledgeable and friendly. They took care of us on every step of the tour.

We started the tour in Quito. Visit 14 awesome destinations. Quito is an amazing city. We visited the UNESCO heritage site which is beautiful. We explored one of the most Active volcanoes of the world on a bike, enjoyed the enchanting views of the Andes surrounded by Lamas and Alpacas, tried a little hiking in the Andes and attended Local Food Tasting. We also explored the Ecuadorian Jungle with an expert guide. It’s for this travel company that we enjoyed a lot. Thank you, guys.

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