Travel Review: Best Cuba Vacation

The travel agency, we hired, was amazing. The personal care and attention to detail that we wanted were right on spot.  This was our first time traveling with a tour company and we would highly recommend this agency to our friends and indeed use them again.  We were given the opportunity to see Cuban through the eyes of the Cuban people, and not as a tourist but as a traveler. The guidance which we were given pre-trip was invaluable to make sure that we had a complete and safe trip. (It also helped to make sure we packed accordingly and not over or under pack).  

Our travel specialist was always prompt to answer any questions we had and follow our lead for what we wanted our trip to include. Her choices of activities and restaurants gave us such a well-rounded experience.  Even something as small as booking our flights so we could have maximum time there did not go unnoticed. Her team of guides and drivers while in Cuba were so informative and fun and friendly. They showed us everything we wanted and more.  The fact they ate lunches with us was nice. And again, it was the fact that they listened to us and what we wanted that made us feel so special. The first day we were there our guide gave my husband a book about Cuba which I ended up reading.  Every day he would ask me what I learned from what I had read. One day I told him I learned the Sloppy Joe sandwiches were really from Cuba, due to the restaurant it was named after. Imagine my thrill when the next day he took us to the actual place and I had a Sloppy Joe!  It is details like this that made out trip TRULY AMAZING!!!!

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