Croatia Travel Review

It was a great tour for our family and I would like to thank the travel agency for coordinating our family trip after so long. We were absolutely delighted with the way our trip came together as planned. This Croatia travel specialist gave us many choices, based on the places we wished to see -- he was very helpful....and patient....with us as we made our choices. Once in Croatia, being met and handed a phone by Marija, made us feel independent, but connected. This was a major plus during our travels. On one or two occassions, we needed to contact her, and she was right there....she was so helpful! She contacted us several times during our trip to make sure we were okay.

We had several opportunities to sing this company's praises ( and Zicasso) while traveling. We met several people who were surprised that 2 women (not young) would feel comfortable traveling alone, and we told them how easily all of the travel arrangements, such as transfers and transportation, as well as accommodations, were so easily handled by the tour company. We thoroughly enjoyed Dubrovnik...our apartment was on the wall of the harbour of the old city, and we felt very comfortable there..the people were so friendly, and happy! We loved running in to music on every corner, thanks to the klappa singers, wonderful food, and winding alleyways to explore!The hill towns in Istria were a journey never to be forgotten! (not to mention the WINE!)

We were very pleased with Villa Dobravac in Rovinj. Ljubljana was a fun city to explore, and Lake Bled was like a fairytale! So beautiful! We arranged a tour at Lipica Farm (Lipazaners), complete with a presentation that blew us away! We would highly recommend this to anyone who has an interest. Krapina Museum, at the Neanderthal discovery site, was very interesting, also.

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