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Croatia Travel Review

Croatia and Slovenia was on our radar for long time and we got to spend some special time there on our special tour to Croatia in the last summer. I found out the itinerary through the Leisure and they also provided me with qualified travel agents. I have to compliment my travel agent on every aspect of my trip. She immediately made contact with me, phoned me in South Africa to enquire about my preferred way of communication. Thereafter every email was answered absolutely promptly and every promise fulfilled. I sometime wrote her an email at 01:00 in the morning so that she would receive it during normal office hours and to my surprise there would be a response 10 minutes later - that should explain the absolute professionalism and diligence of this agent. What impressed me also is that she first enquired what my needs would be and what type of tourism I was interested in and my budget and then set about organizing the most amazing trip but always giving me the option to change anything.  She waited for me in the hotel upon my arrival to see that I was safe and sorted - and that was such a special gesture for me.

Every detail of the trip was given to me in advance in writing and confirmed and from the first to the last minute every arrangement was on time, all the people I dealt with was very well informed, well-spoken and professional and made the trip so much more enjoyable. I have travelled quite a bit in my life but my trip to Croatia was the best planned holiday ever. The driver assigned to me in Dubrovnik was such a knowledgeable and kind person who made everyday special by his knowledge and extreme good care he took of me and the way he interacted with everybody he meets. The entire company should be complimented for their professionalism and care.

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