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We have just finished our Colombia trip with this travel company. It was an amazing trip. We have explored many places including Tayrona National Natural Park and Cartagena. We have seen some of the greatest beaches in Colombia within the reserved Tayrona National Natural Park, which is famous for its palm-shaded coves and crystal-clear coastal lagoons. Most beaches are placed against the exciting mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, whose rainforested mountains make for an excellent side trip on any beach holiday. Tayrona is also a wonderful place for snorkeling at reserved areas near La Piscina beach and Cabo San Juan. Though isolated, these remote beaches aren't exactly a secret, so it's best to travel in low season (February to November) to avoid the huge crowds. Also, unless you're paying for the lavish Ecohabs Tayrona, be ready to sleep in a tent (or hammock) at one of the several beachside campgrounds.

Cartagena is the crown gem of Colombia's Caribbean coast and one of the best-preserved colonial places in the Americas. Take a stroll through the old city and you may feel as if you've walked back in time to a different era. Maybe it's the 13 kilometers of centuries-old walls or the bright colonial architecture. Perhaps it's the bougainvillea-covered balconies along the labyrinthine roads or the soaring Catholic churches that mount above every plaza. Whatever it is, travelers can't help but fall for this Caribbean beauty. We really enjoyed the trip

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