Wonderful Tour Of Colombia And Argentina

We started out planning our trip ourselves until we stumbled upon leisure and began reading reviews for this travel company.  We selected this company to send them our query. From the very beginning of our conversation with our agent, we felt secured and he never tried to impose something we were not interested into, instead, he listened to us about our expectations and created a plan accordingly.  We generally like personal trips and a more organized travel experience and our agent helped us got just that. We preferred to travel a lot of landscape while in Argentina and our agent helped us with a great itinerary including inter-country flights that enabled us to see everything we wanted and it all went smoothly.  What made this company even more incredible was the great customer service throughout the trip. The morning we arrived in Buenos Aires after a red-eye flight, we walked to a cafe near the hotel and midway through our breakfast, there we were happy to see our agent who came to personally meet us. We instantly felt like we had a friend in Buenos Aires. They provided a really good service and we are impressed. I am honestly recommending them. Thank you guys for your help.


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