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Wonderful China Trip With This Travel Company

We found out them through leisure but based on my previous travel for business in China I knew that we can trust them to the minute details. And, indeed, we had a wonderful experience. At every airport and station, there were their guide and driver awaiting us with a great smile and warmth, The car was always perfectly clean and tidy with water supply for us. Taking us to our hotel (we took 5 stars hotels that added to our enjoyment). We did not have to worry about anything. The guides were always there for us' keeping a parental worrying eye to see that we are always okay.

We had flights and trains and cruises and it was simply perfectly arranged ahead.

All we had to do was simply to enjoy the views, the people and learn from the guides about Chinese history and customs. My wife is a vegetarian and still, they made sure that in every restaurant she could get a veggie meal. Myself, I love all kinds of foods and the places we were taken to eat served excellent food. Weather in China during our tour (July - August) was hot and yet we enjoyed and the guides eased on us according to weather and according to our pace. It was only us and the guide and driver. This way is the best. No delays because of others in a group. Just the two of us and China. And one more word. Do not worry about health problems. I had a wisdom tooth problem and the guide took us to a hospital in Beijing and the treatment was perfect. A week later I had to have stitches removal and the guide took me to the hospital in Xianghai. Both places were wonderful. Best doctors and best western medicine.

The only thing to worry about in China is the way they drive! Do not try to cross the street at pedestrians cross on your own. When we had to, we cling to locals holding their hands.

Do not try to drive a car in China. Yet, we saw not even a single car accident. If you wonder why, please visit Chinese Acrobats show in Beijing theatre. You will watch 5 motorcycles spinning inside an iron cage all together. It is an amazing demonstration of Chinese character- very accurate very quick and very precise. Amazing! And so is their everyday driving! Do not try it.

We loved China, we loved the tour and we highly recommend this travel company

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