China Travel Review

The challenges of traveling in China, such as its size, language, and culture, were completely answered by the tour designed and prepared for us by this travel company. Each guide and driver in each of our five major locations  was amazingly knowledgeable and helpful. They introduced us to China's five thousand year old history and culture and showed us the "real" China without having to stick to a strict schedule. When we discovered that the heat and altitude in some parts of our tour were too much for us, our guides were quick to suggest alternatives that never diminished from the total experience. Traveling by ourselves, but with the aid and assistance of our local experts and wonderful drivers made us feel like we were really seeing China as true travelers and not just part of a large and boring tour group. 

I highly recommend this company to any serious traveller in Asia who genuinely wants to experience a country and its people. We trusted our tour planner to suggest and plan a tour for the two of us that met our expectations and he more than achieved that in creating an experience that allowed us to see not only the major and key elements of a China tour but also the secret and uniquely wonderful aspects of that ancient and amazing culture. It was truly the trip of a life time!  Yunnan Province was especially amazing, as our week there combined historical, cultural, and scenic experiences. But each major site, such as the Forbidden City and the terracotta warriors, was fully explained and the pleasure of our own personal guide made each stop as much fun and as interesting as the others.

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