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I never used a travel agency for any of my trip in the last 15 years until I tried to put together a tour to Chile on my own. We are quite easy as well as flexible travelers. It has always been quite easy to plan our tours and make reservations through books and the internet. But this time I changed my mind. Beginning with email for an introduction, we arranged a meeting over a phone call in order to discuss our travel style and desires for the trip. The meeting was lengthy and the travel agent was quite patient and helped clarify all our goals. When I looked at the first plan, it was refined and modified to fit my schedule and budget. We found the itinerary to be very helpful and full of suggestions for packing as well as dining and activities.

The trip was amazing! Chile is beautiful and has it all. From mountains to beaches, cities to towns to rural areas, and desert heat to cold snow caps, here you can experience all the four seasons in a single day. Our hotels whether up on stilts or over a tidal area or up a hill in Valparaiso were all perfect. The beds were quite comfortable everywhere and the bathrooms were well equipped. The reception staff was warm and helpful, breakfasts delicious and there was always something pleasant to see.

Our contact person was quite receptive in her responses to any of our queries. We had an issue with a GPS in our rental car one afternoon. Our travel agency responded immediately and the issue was resolved to our satisfaction.


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