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We have been planning a Chile tri for a long time and finally, we made it with this travel company. It was a wonderful trip. We visited many places including Santiago and Robertson Crusoe Island. Santiago is both the biggest city and the capital of Chile, a place often missed by travelers as a mere halt on the way to other cities within the nation. This, however, is a misconception as Santiago is a booming metropolis highlighting impressive pictures of the mountainous region. Worldly, cosmopolitan, exciting, and modern are descriptors of the city’s comprehensive cultural scene, humming nightlife, thought-provoking museums, and top-tier restaurants. Each part of the city offers visitors something unique, from the architecture, museums, and pedestrian malls of the Centro to the beer halls, cafes, and sidewalk restaurants of Lastarria. Areas like Las Condes and Providencia offer world-class resorts and restaurants.

Robertson Crusoe Island is a mysterious place where coastal cliffs, calming waters, and green native vegetation create a haven of beauty and activity. It is usually known as the Desert Island, offering a secluded atmosphere cushioned by the Pacific Ocean, a naturalist’s paradise. We have experienced a number of open-air activities, such as swimming in crystal-clear waters or diving underwater to explore the marine life alongside South American fur seals, the original species of the Biosphere Reserve. We have also enjoyed sailing, kayaking, and fishing, as is trekking on paths through unspoiled areas like Puntas de Isla, Centinela Hill, and Puerto Francis. We have enjoyed the trip from start to end.


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