Had fun playing on Cancun beaches

Last weekend, we came back from a wonderful trip to Cancun, where we had a lot of fun, adventure and above all an awesome time with my hubby. This was the first trip after a long time in which we both enjoyed and participated in all activities together. My husband and I, both are fond of sports and in our high school, we used to participate in water-related sports. He was a swimming champion, while I was satisfied getting the silver medal. It was so blissful to see him swimming after a long time and all credit goes to Leisure.com for connecting us with the best travel specialist. The guy was awesome and had great skills at understanding the travel requirements of the customer.   

I only told him about our great interest in water-sports and he came up with the best itinerary including all the water bodies, water-sports, and water museums. When we saw the itinerary, we didn’t make any alterations to the plan, rather, we extended our trip so that we can cover some more astonishing places in Cancun. 

Upon our arrival at the airport, our airport transfer was waiting for us with a cabby and after reaching the resort, we liked the arrangements. The resort services were good and since the resort was close to the beach, so spend the entire day on the quiet shores of the sea. The day time was reserved to indulge in the thrilling activities and at night, we used to ask the staff to arrange our dinner near the beach. 

We had a lot of fun while playing with dolphins at Playa Delfines. The sand is a little coarse but when you are there in the middle of waters with dolphins, it looks like you can get this much nowhere on the planet. 


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