Thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Cancun

I am an entrepreneur who has dedicated my early age to work. Due to my work, I have never enjoyed my life thoroughly. I have seen my friends going on trips but I have never gone on any tour alone or with my friends. But on the 25th anniversary, my children planned a trip to Cancun, Mexico for us in which they planned a lot of water-sports to make our trip just not special but adventurous as well. 

They have contacted Leisure.com that provided us a professional travel agent who made such a beautiful itinerary covering all the sports and the places that must be visited when on Cancun, Mexico tours. Since my wife is fond of music and nightlife, so he made sure to include places that provide us the best nightlife experience. On our anniversary, he planned a nice and romantic dine-out on the Playa Marlin. It is one of the best beaches I have ever been to and celebrating my wedding anniversary on the shores of the beach. 

It was an amazing experience at the Playa Marlin but at the Playa Delfines, we thoroughly enjoyed playing around with Dolphins. The tour started in the late morning after breakfast and it was an half-day tour in which we played with Dolphins in the middle of the sea through boat ride tour. The most memorable moment of this tour was when we were just in the water, our tour guide asked me to get close to the Dolphin by getting off the boat. It was though little scary thing but once I was there it was so much fun. 

Overall, we loved the trip and we had some amazing memories during this trip. It seems as if we have reversed our lives. Thanks to my children and Leisure.com to make out trip hassle-free. 


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