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Cambodia Travel Review

I had made a trip down to Cambodia 2 years ago along with my wife and daughter and it is still fresh to me today also. We cannot say much as to how wonderful the trip we had and how wonderful the travel company’s support was in the trip. My family had a history of traveling and we try new places every year and this year we decided to visit someplace in the East Asian region and Cambodia came up in the discussion. We had been to China for a few times and to Vietnam once and Cambodia seemed a perfect fit to teach my daughter some ancient historical lessons. Also, we found some wonderful travel itinerary on Leisure which we could not ignore simply. We filled out the request form and got emails having names of various companies operating out of that place. We received calls where we were made to understand the itinerary and tour plans. We had some recommendations and I was pleased that all our demands were accepted by them instantly.

We routinely stay at 5-star hotels and have used travel agencies before. But our travel company was by far...the best we have been with. And I can say unequivocally that this was due to our agent and the team he developed and had worked with us. The guides were excellent and we could not have asked for a better guide than that. Then Cambodia and Siem Reap/Angor Wat...again, unbelievable, far surpassing our expectations from the travel there, the hotel we stayed at, the guide again...remarkable, the food, the people, the temples, Angor Wat itself, and everything about it. So we cannot point to one part of our trip...the trip itself was remarkable and again, so thankful to our agent for what he and his team did to make this wonderful experience come true.

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