A week-long entertainment at Brazil

The blazing heat of Brazil, the fun of colorful carnival, the taste of authentic food and drinks are enough to tell the beautiful story of the country in a few words. This is how my mother told me and that is exactly what I find Brazil when I visited there. Just before the Rio Carnival starts, I booked my trip to Brazil with the help of one of the best travel companies. Through Leisure, I booked my tour and had a really fun time during my tour. The agent was really good at his work and planned my trip in such a way that it covers all the big events of the country. The trip was hassle-free and smooth and the travel company is the main reason behind it.

After knowing my preferences, the agent has made an itinerary that suits my travel preferences and budget. My Brazil itinerary covers all the big events and places that are worth visiting while traveling to Brazil. The Rio Carnival was something that I wanted to see during my tour and that’s why my agent suggested me to travel around March when this event takes place. And it is that year of time when Brazil gets crowded with the tourists that make it a little expensive for a tourist. But the best thing that my agent made pre-booking for accommodations and food that cut down a big amount from my package.

I thoroughly enjoyed my jungle trip, where I encountered the natural beauty. Apart from that, Salvador’s Pelourinho, Sugarloaf Mountain, and majestic Iguazu Falls are something that no one can afford to skip from the tour. While on my drive tour to Rio de Janeiro was a bit tiring, but the overall tour to Brazil was such an exhilarating experience. It is because of my travel company - Leisure.com. I will suggest this travel company to my friends and family.

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