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Amazing Vacation In Brazil

Last month my husband and I went for an amazing vacation in Brazil. It was a wonderful trip, Brazil is really beautiful and there is plenty to see and do. We didn’t get bored for a second during our 15 days stay in Brazil. We came to know about this trip from leisure.com and our travel partner made the trip a lifetime memory. They included great destination into the itinerary and we enjoyed the real Brazilian charm from this tour. They provided us with great accommodations which were adventurous as well as cozy. We visited countryside villages and local people and got an insight into the Brazilian culture. We savored traditional Brazilian food in the roadside cafes. We walked through the streets of Rio and Salvador and enjoyed the amazing nightlife of the cities. We enjoyed rich wildlife of Brazil in the Chapada Dos Veadeiros National Park and spent time relaxing on the stunning beaches of Itacare. We also visited the Palacio de Cristal where the last slaves of Petropolis were released and felt like traveling the time. In Salvador, we visited Candomble a famous religious cult.

In each location, we got the assistance of an expert guide who made the trip enjoyable in all respect. The travel company provided smooth transportation from one location to other. The vehicles were comfortable and we were traveling with a wonderful group. We are very happy with the trip and this travel company. Thank You, guys.

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