Brazil Travel Review

We have just returned from Brazil tour. It was a wonderful trip. We have visited many places including Rio and Salvador. There’s really no other place like Rio.  Welcome to green mountains, sparkling beaches, over the top nightlife, and fanatic football fans. Known as Cidade Maravilhosa, the wonderful City, Rio is surrounded by green mountains while the coast extends for miles. Most people visit first for the beaches.  The Cariocas (locals) think the beach a home away from home and so much occurs here that we wished we would have al never-ending vacation. We loved biking on the beach, hiking in Tijuca rainforest, swing gliding, rock climbing, and cruising to one of many small islands just off the coast. Music is everywhere in the city – with the most famous being the African inspired samba vibe. If you want to experience the nightlife, go to Lapa, the towns red-light distinct. You’ll find live music and road parties every night.

Salvador has a unique energy that’s famous even for Brazil.  Most noted for being Portugal’s New World capital, it keeps a big deal of its colonial architecture and you’ll find the historic center of the city in the Pelourinho community. Here you’ll find big squares with small cobblestone alleys heading away, colorful buildings, and churches like Sao Francisco with painted woodwork and other baroque pieces. There’s a marvelous arts movement here. You’ll find Olodum drummers on the roads, along with Capoeira martial artists, and crazy celebrations going on everywhere you look.


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