Travel Review: Best Botswana Tour

This was the first time when we hired any travel agency for organizing and planning our Botswana tour. We must say that the trip was awesome and all the credit goes to one source- our travel agent. The travel agent was quite helpful and quite smart to make our travel itinerary. He smartly planned our travel itinerary and well-organized our Botswana trip and that too at the best price. The entire trip was seamlessly executed and the accommodations were of our class and standard. We must say that our travel agent had planned in such way that we didn’t find any problem while traveling to one place to another all the cabs were pre-booked and there was a special arrangement for us on our anniversary. Although, we went to all parts of Botswana, perhaps the most memorable part of the trip was the time we spent at the Mapula Lodge in the Okavango Delta. This was because there we experienced in full the wildlife, with game drives early in the morning, more game drives at sunset, and a truly communal life with the lodge staff and the other guests. But observing life on the Boteti River at Meno a Kwena was also fascinating. We would definitely recommend this travel agency to our friends and associates.


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