Bali and Indonesia Review

Last summer, I requested a quote for a trip to Bali on the occasion of our anniversary from this side. To my surprise, I immediately received a full-fledged pricing and tour operations chart from a company to which there were good reviews. The tour agency had some good reviews about its East Asian and Oceania region. The itinerary that we received from this agency and other operators was quite fascinating. They did manage to keep in mind the anniversary we were planning and offered us a great deal from basic to extravagant ones. they allowed us to choose some destinations apart from the itinerary and complied with other demands as well. After finalizing the agency, we had an individual meeting and call from the operator to make us understand the itinerary and I could only say, ‘it was a fabulous experience getting to know the places we were going’. We could not be happier than that and for us, it was a great connection to get into.

We did take many activities as provided by this agency and one of them was the Cycling trip through the countryside of Ubud that I would remember throughout the life. It was the trip where we got to be away from all hustles and really come close to each other. The tour was authentic, enjoyable and close to the cultures of Bali. The private tour meant that every stop and photo-op interfered with no one else so we could pace the day for ourselves.   

Apart from this, they also had booked beautiful Balinese Villa accommodations at 2 different resorts and we could choose from there as well. Keeping the anniversary in mind, they had also given us discounts on various accounts. We did not expect our little trip down under to be of such royal nature. The private pool, butler service, attention to detail, quality of facilities – something we had not expected to be so perfect.  We would definitely like to recommend it to couples who are going for their honeymoon or for any other purpose as well to coordinate with this agency. 

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