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After working for consecutively three months, we need a break from work and want a trip that can relax our mind and body completely. So my friends and I have decided to plan a trip to somewhere in Africa that can give us good clicks and, of course, to rejuvenate us. So, we contacted our favorite agent from Leisure.com who also planned our last trip to New Zealand. This was our second trip with the same travel agency and the travel agent and I have to say that even this trip was really mind-blowing. 

All the hard work paid off as I am writing this review just for him. Just kidding. No, he deserves this praise and that is why I am ready to write it. As suggested by the agent, we started our safari tour with Botswana’s Chobe National Park where we saw untamed animal and bird species. The Big five games was another highlight of the trip and what really took us was the experience with the big five animals and beauty of bird species. 

Vehicle safari was good but hot air balloon safari was something that we thoroughly enjoyed. The best part with the air balloon ride was that it gave us a clear view of the entire area. Before the ride, we had a morning meal and trust me the food was awesome. The preparation was really good and the view had swept off our feet.

Coming to walking safari, it was a little hectic but with this type of safari, you closely explore the area and how animals actually react. Small details can be discovered when you are on foot so we had fun as we walk through the steep and narrow mountain ranges. 

We are thankful to the agent who had planned our trip. Thanks to Leisure.

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