Travel Review: Luxury Tour of Austria & Germany- Activities Like Hiking, Biking..

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Usually, I don’t write any reviews for any company, just for one reason I took a time to write is the travel company which made my trip to Germany and Austria so fabulous! On a recommendation of my friend, I chose the travel company for the first. But I say that it won’t be the last time to actually chose the traveling services. I really liked their services and definitely going to recommend it to my all friends and family.

Our agent listened and asked so many questions as to what our group of four was interested in doing and made a general itinerary that we gradually tweaked until it was perfect. This was just the beginning though. When we arrived in Germany she was in touch every day to see if we had questions or needed help. It was really helpful to feel like we weren't alone in a country where the language barrier is more difficult than in other European countries. She helped us reroute in traffic jams, changed restaurant reservations, made suggestions when the weather didn't cooperate etc. The most helpful part was the German cell phone they give you to use while you are there. This seemed nice but I never realized how helpful it would be. The contacts were preloaded with all of our hotels, restaurants, and tours. If you didn't know how to get to your dinner reservation, you found it in contacts, clicked on the map and started walking or driving. They made everything so easy and thought of absolutely everything.   


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