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Travel Review: Tour of Germany, France & Austria, Heidelberg, Baden-Baden..

Feedback On Travel Company And Travel Experience

It was quite a long time since we were planning to visit Europe country. This time, with the help of right guidance and travel assistance, we landed ourselves in the most beautiful country in the world - Europe! There were certain European countries that we wanted to visit once in our lifetime, so we told our preferences of places to the hired travel company. And the travel agent made sure not to miss on the small details that we shared with the company. Germany, Austria, France, Munich, Vienna were some of the top cities that we wanted to see.

As Germany on the board, we first landed in Frankfurt, from the airport, the travel agent picked us and helped us get acclimated. Then, the agent first helped us with gadgets to stay in touch with them and took us to the hotel. Once we made ourselves comfortable in the hotel, the agent called us and recommended the best places to eat in Germany. The agent booked a restaurant where we had an awesome dinner. We loved everywhere we visited, which was Heidelberg, Baden-Baden, Strasbourg (France), Rothenburg, Munich, and Salzburg and Vienna, Austria.


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