Australia Travel Review: Luxury Australia Vacation - Activities, snorkeling, koalas, kangaroos..

This was my first International trip and I can’t express my feelings in words about the Australia & New Zealand tour. Despite being too fussy about the guided trip, I can say that I am very happy with the travel company and its services. The one things that I find the best about the company is that it didn’t miss out any details that I have shared with them. They had planned each and everything on the basis of my budget and preferences. We must mention that they didn't miss a single detail, and, together, they made it perfect for us given the timing, our interests, and our budget! They were even so good that we had left Australia for New Zealand the day before the cyclone and flooding hit Queensland and south along the East Coast! Everything was fabulous and so good that we want to come back for more! When we get to that point, we'll be sure to call for their assistance! Kudos to the company and its services.

The trip was marvelous and the credit goes to the travel company that we hired for this tour. The agent listened actively and closely to every question or comment, made our suggestions based on her deep understanding of what our travel goals were. Since her planning of our trip was so thorough, we found that, when we needed help, we had the materials at our fingertips to get what we needed by contacting her New Zealand - based partner, or by contacting our guide/hotel directly. We will use Leisure again for our next adventure. We only hope that the planner with whom we connect can come close to replicating the level of service we received from our agent. If you are considering a trip to New Zealand, let our New Zealand and Australia travel agent be your planner!


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