Spectacular View Of Iguazu Falls From Argentina & Brazil

I have seen Iguazu before but this time my experience was just outstanding. We viewed the falls from both Argentina and Brazil and also went very close to the falls and soaked by spray while boating beneath the water. I would like to thank leisure and this travel company for all these amazing experiences. They turned our trip into a dream journey. They take very good care of us from the start to end of the tour, with great customer service, cozy accommodation, experienced guides, and smooth transportation. We 3 couples, a total of 6 in numbers in this trip. We all are really happy with the travel company and this trip. We visited many places including 3 big cities of South America, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro and enjoyed guided city excursion in all the 3 cities. We have enjoyed tango show, delicious food and wine in famous restaurants and visited many historic sites.

We enjoyed full day guided tour in the Iguazu National Park while the guide explained many geographical facts of the area boosting our excitement to the highest level. We explore the highlights of Curitiba, Morretes, and Antonina in the Serra do Mar region and enjoyed a charming tourist train ride through lush rainforest and winding around mountains and over bridges. This is one of the most exciting train journeys in my life. In every location, we were greeted by our guides and availed nice assistance throughout the trip along with cozy accommodations.  We are extremely happy with this travel company and their service. Thank you, guys.

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