Fun Jobs That Will Make You Fall In Love With Your Work

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jan 06,2021

While jobs are often viewed as torture, they are not. There are ample jobs available in the market ranging from boring to fun. Without any doubt, several jobs are perfect to join in leisure time or even full time. These jobs will make your life interesting. With the advancement of technology, culture, and other aspects, there come many jobs that will help you convert your passion or a pastime into a source of income. Various research has shown that most of the people are bored with their jobs and only 15% of them are engaged with their work. 


If you too are bored and looking out for something fun to do, then there are so many fun jobs waiting for you. Now, get into the job that will make you live for the weekdays rather than just dragging your weekdays and waiting for the weekends. Here is the list of jobs that you can apply to turn your passion into a career.


Professional Sleeper



This might sound a bit weird, but there are jobs for Sleep lovers. It is an ideal job for individuals who value sleeping over and above anything. As the name suggests, this job requires you to spend all day sleeping and get paid for it. The professional sleepers are hired mostly for conducting scientific research. Along with this, there are many other reasons for companies to hire professional sleepers. These reasons include product analysis like mattresses, pillows, etc. Along with that, also for testing sleeping pills, many companies pay individuals to hire professional sleepers. To ace this profession, no academic qualification is needed. However, an individual is required to have the ability to sleep away from home and must have good observational skills. After enjoying the sleep, the individuals are also required to write a report on their experience or evaluating the product. For this job, companies pay an average of $66,000 per year. 


Water Slides Tester



Being a water baby can now help you make money out of it. Started from the west, the job of Water Slides Tester is now getting fame from all around the world. It is one of the most fun jobs for all adventure and water slide lovers. This job requires the individuals to take the rides and comment on their safety. These testers are needed to ensure the safety of every slide before they get open to the general public. The water slide testers also are required to analyze the overall characteristics of the slide from technical to functional to other aspects. The testers have to take the ride on the same slide over and over again to measure the water usage of the slide, its speed, and how fun-filled it is. 


To have a career as a water slide tester, no specific qualification is required. However, the individual must be 18 years or above and have an approachable vibe. Together with this, qualities like courage, optimism, and great observation are also needed. Strong physical condition and muscle stress will also help in testing the rides effectively. An individual must also have strong analytical skills to find the safety hazards in the slides if any. Once an individual becomes the slide tester, he/she can earn $30,000 or more in a year.


Dog Food Taster



The dog food taster is one of the weirdest yet crazy jobs anyone applies for. People find this job absurd, but companies hire the tasters to ensure that dogs will get healthy and tasteful food. Along with tasting the food, this job role required me to do thorough research on dog’s food and write how they can make food better. They also need to come up with new ideas to add a new line of food. The testers have to evaluate the food on aspects like taste, smell, consistency, and texture. To become a dog food tester, no specific degree or qualification is needed. However, good research qualities with outstanding analytical skills are required. The taste buds of an individual must also be great for this job. If an individual qualifies the requirements, they can easily earn somewhere between $30,000 to $60,000.


Fortune Cookie Writer



This is an interesting job for all the individuals who love writing and are passionate about it. Although there are many jobs available for writers, however, the Fortune Cookie Writer job is fun-filled. It requires the expert to write influential and witty fortunes for the cookies. To be an ideal candidate for this job, an individual must be proficient in expressing their message in short sentences or just a few words. Along with that, extremely creative and have out-of-box ideas are required to write amazing fortunes for the cookies. The voice of the writer must be inspiring, empowering, and philosophic. This fun job of fortune writing can make an individual earn from $40,000 to $80,000. If you are a perfect fit for this job role, you must apply for it right now. 


Cheese Taster



Another job that will leave you awestruck is Cheese taster. Various companies lookout for individuals who can taste cheese for them and for that they pay them handsome salaries. The job of the Cheese Taster is to eat the cheese, analyze it, and talk a deep about it. An individual will be paid for testing the product quality, evaluating the new flavors, and providing new ideas and flavors of cheese. Anyone who loves to eat cheese can apply for this job. All it needs is to provide detailed feedback on the produced cheese and its flavor. Along with that, the taster is called for researching the new products in the market. To do this amazing job, an individual is paid around $5,000 for a year. 


Professional Bridesmaid



If you love to take part in wedding ceremonies and helping out the bride on their D day, then you must try your career as a professional bridesmaid. Various startups are hiring bridesmaids and are willing to pay them good money. The main reason behind hiring the bridesmaid is to fulfill the bride’s dream of having as many bridesmaids at her wedding. This profession requires the individual to be on the side of the bride all the time and do everything to make her day more special. To be a professional bridesmaid, good listing skills are required. With this, individuals must be highly organized and have an excellent understanding of different wedding cultures and ceremonies. These bridesmaids are paid anywhere around $3,000 to attend each wedding.


Ice-Cream Taster



This is not just a job but a dream come true for all ice-cream lovers. Now, you can get paid for having ice-cream. It is one of the fun jobs that will help you earn well for doing what you love. The Ice-cream taster job is a fun-filled job that will help you to thrive your inner child. This job role is also known as taste master, sensory tester, food scientist, or even flavorologist. In this job, the taster is required to taste the ice-cream samples of different flavors and judge them based on their consistency, texture, smell, taste, and color. Along with tasting the ice-cream, the job also includes doing research on various flavors of ice-cream and coming up with new ones. Together with unlimited creativity, to be a professional Ice-cream taster an individual is required to have patience, great taste buds, and a judicious palate. If you qualify the requirements of this spellbinding profession, you can earn more than $40,000 a year. With the high demand for ice-cream tasters in the market, opting for this as a career is a good option.



Check out the list and find the best job for you. It is rightly said, it is not all about the money, it is also about the journey, hustle, and being a winner.

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