Best Yoga Retreats Around The World: Relax and Reset Your Life!

Author: Megha Agarwal on Jan 29,2021

Yoga has now become a global sensation as it helps in liberating from needless thoughts and stress. With the increase in the workload and tensions, taking a break and interacting with nature and yourself is a good option. To get the maximum benefits of yoga and meditation, you must plan a visit to a yoga retreat. The retreat will help you in disconnecting from the outer world and let you connect with your inner soul. With yoga and other spiritual activities, you will not only feel relaxed but also find a balance in your life. No matter if you are an experienced veteran or just have the curiosity to explore, visiting the retreats will help you gain so much that you will never forget. 


After looking at ample retreat options from all across the world, we have come up with some amazing yoga retreats for your next vacation. From budget-friendly retreats to luxurious escapes, here you will find all the retreats that will help you align your Chakras. Scroll down through the list and choose a spiritual escape for yourself.


Ananda In The Himalayas, India



India is home to yoga and offers various incredible retreats. One of the most peaceful retreats for ultimate spiritual experience is Ananda In The Himalayas. Located on the Himalayas in Northern India, it is a 5-star luxurious refuge that sets in the natural beauty of the mountains and is a wonderful accommodation. This retreat is specialized in Yoga, Vedanta, natural therapies, and Ayurveda. Here you can find a perfect balance of joy and learn various meditation and yoga skills. Being nested on the top of the mountain, here you can stroll on the foothills of the Himalayas. Also, here you can celebrate Ayurvedic cuisine, and get relaxed with luxurious massages. If you want to get lost in the holistic treatment and great comfort, you must plan a visit to Ananda In The Himalayas.


Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand



Nested on the “Island of Healing” of Koh Samuli, Absolute Sanctuary is an ideal retreat to take a break from the hustle of daily lives. The detox programs of the Sanctuary are renowned all around the world. It has various retreat activities that are focused on yoga, wellbeing, and fitness. They also host various yoga teachers from different corners of the world to provide their customers with ultimate experiences. Together with the iconic yoga programs, this refuge features pilates, spa, and detox activities. Here you can get in touch with your soul by learning yoga and enjoy scenic views from different corners of the retreat. This beautiful architecture is surrounded by greenery that makes meditation and yoga more rejuvenating. 


Silver Island Yoga, Greece



With tremendous focus and commitment, this is one of the best yoga retreats that opens the door with happiness. Stepping into this retreat, you will surely enjoy an unforgettable experience of getting in touch with the spiritual realm. The Silver Island Yoga offers the visitors complete privacy and a lot to discover in the vast land of 60 acres. This retreat calls only 10 visitors in a week which means a rare and peaceful experience in the refuge. Two sisters, named Lissa and Claire Christie, run this luxurious property which is no less than a lighthouse. It has 5-star rooms with picturesque beauty from all around. When it comes to food, they serve organic vegetarian food that is made from crops harvested by the local farmers of the country.


Shreyas Yoga Retreat, India



Shreyas Yoga Retreat is a luxurious resort that offers visitors a high-end experience. This glamourous retreat is perfect for true spiritual practices in a wonderful atmosphere. Scattered in the 25 acres of land, this place is quite vast and hires local natural resources like rainwater collection, ayurvedic and medicinal plants, solar energy panels, bio-farming, and bio-disposal tools. From yoga programs to singing classes to meditation events, Shreyas Yoga Retreat has it all. Along with this, to provide the customers with luxurious facilities, this retreat has a swimming pool, steam room, hot tub, and breathtaking walking trails. If you want to go on a self-discovery journey, then you must visit this retreat. 


Mii Amo, Sedona



It is one of the renowned yoga retreats in Sedona, Arizona which is all surrounded by massive desert scenery. If you are looking for an amazing destination to relax and rehabilitate, then this is the idyllic retreat. Visiting here you can enjoy the regular spa with herbal oils, workshops, walkways, plant-based restaurants, and more. This retreat is exquisite heaven where you can witness warm and fresh breezes, rustic-chic ambiance, luxurious amenities, and spectacular scenery. Every guest who partakes in the Mii Amo retreat can indulge themselves in an extensive range of spiritual events and activities like hiking, biking, meditation, and yoga programs. Here you can pick from the de-stress activities, physical fitness, spiritual discovery, and much more. For a curated experience of the spiritual world, you must visit the Mii Amo retreat. 


COMO Uma Ubud, Indonésia



In the heart of Ubud lies this luxurious retreat- COMO Uma Ubud. It comprises 46 contemporary Asian-style rooms that offer luxurious facilities. The restaurants of this retreat offer world-class cuisines that are perfect for the taste-buds. With scenic beauty, yoga programs, spa treatment, and more, this retreat are great for holistic wellness. Here you can practice meditation and yoga in the open-air with fresh brews and wonderful views of Tjampuhan Valley. Together with fitness and wellness, here you can take part in various adventure activities like biking, trekking, hiking, and more. It is all surrounded by rice paddies, coconut palms, as well as banyan trees. For calming your mind and body with ultimate meditational techniques and breathing activities, this is a magnificent yoga retreat. 


Sen Wellness Sanctuary, Sri Lanka



This retreat lies in the center of the South Coast of Sri Lanka and is an amazing wellness center. It is peaceful heaven that will make you feel all rejuvenated. Here you can indulge yourself with the rehabilitative benefits of nature as well as experience the traditional healing practices of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Meditation. Being located alongside the sandy beach and tranquil lagoon, this is a soothing place that lets you deeply relax and connect with nature. Some of the top programs of this retreat include sound and gong baths, Ayurvedic cookery classes, turtle-watching events, boat trips, and much more. Visiting this retreat will ensure harmony between your body, spirit, mind, and environment. Make sure you pay a visit to Sen Wellness Sanctuary and deeply heal yourself from within.


The Cliffs of Moher Retreat, Ireland



If you want to witness the first-hand experience of Ireland’s beauty along with practicing Yoga, then this is the spectacular opportunity to visit this retreat. It is among the best yoga retreats where you can enjoy a fast, challenging, and buzzy life. Along with this, you can get peace of mind and clearness, and a different outlook on the world. This ultimate yoga holiday destination hosts several instructors who are trained enough to deliver deep healing activities that will help you in recovering control over your wellbeing. With the outstanding ingredients and facilities, it has become a dream retreat for the spiritual buffs.  For guaranteeing the best experience, this refuge offers yoga classes, hiking retreats, special weekend classes, and more. Take a break at this retreat and come back brand new to face the world again. 


Esalen Institute, California



This creative institute on the Pacific Ocean has opened the way for private retreats. It is a privately-owned space that has amazing dining quarters, deck beds, a kitchen, claw-foot tubs, a living area, and more. This is one of the best retreats that you must visit for a perfect balance between your body and mind along with science and spirituality. Amidst wilderness, this retreat reflects a quiet atmosphere that is ideal for a discipline between the body and the movements. The meal that is prepared at this historic retreat is a great source of nourishment and nutrients. For soothing your soul with bliss, you must take part in the yoga and personal growth workshops that are offered by this retreat. Beyond this, they also provide the visitors with various awareness sessions with world-known fitness leaders and yoga instructors. Plan a trip to Esalen Institute and find a perfect balance in your life. 


Kamalaya, Koh Samui



Kamalaya is a gem of yoga retreat that can be found in the south-east of Koh Samui, Thailand. It is no less than a dream with its secluded private beach. Here you can customize the yoga package as per your requirements and have an amazing time amidst the chaos of daily life. Being located on the hills, it offers tranquil sceneries that feel like a paradise. For a spiritual retreat, it has an extensive range of wellness offerings that helps in relieving the tension, removing the toxicity, and a special connection with the soul. It is originally a mystical Buddhist refuge that has now converted into a well-known retreat. It is all surrounded by tall banana trees, vibrant shrubs, and magnificent sea views that are perfect for detoxing the body. 


If you want to relax your soul and find perfect zen, you must add these yoga retreats to your bucket list. So, without wasting more time, you must head out to a better environment and take part in rejuvenating sessions to calm your senses and encourage your daily activities. Take your yoga mats, tie your shoes, and leave for a blissful retreat!

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