Best Places To Retire Around The World Under $1,500 Per Month

Creating a new life overseas might look challenging, but it can add some excitement to your retirement. As you are still learning to navigate the world, its languages, cultures, and dialects, you will be enduring a new perspective on life. 


Recently, more and more seniors from the USA are now considering retiring abroad. Some of them have actually made it successful! As per various surveys by International Living, over 5 million people have retired abroad in the past four years. We are guessing this is probably because one gets access to great housing, warmer climatic conditions, modern amenities, and unique healthcare systems in a much more affordable manner. 


To top it off, one can actually decrease their monthly expenditure significantly just by relocating to a different country. 


There are plenty of tempting locations around the world to retire, in and around Europe, Asia, Latin America. You can actually live large on a pretty small monthly budget. So, without further ado, here are the best places to retire around the world for just under $1500 a month! 


1. Antalya, Turkey



The Turkish Riviera city of Antalya has established itself as Turkey's primary tourist destination. Antalya is favored heavily by expats as one of the best places to retire and live around the world. So, it doesn't come as a surprise that this region is the second most popular location in Turkey for foreign property buyers. 


Here, you can find people from all over the world coexisting, making Antalya a global paradise, which is much less Turkish and more European in nature. 


The fun part? You don't have to live in the middle of the city. You get to experience housing in many different, much smaller coastal villages and towns which have become expat hotspots. 


When it comes to factoring in your rent, your health insurance, and other daily utility-based expenditures like your grocery, it all turns out to be much cheaper than we can expect! In addition to all this, Antalya has one of the best and most affordable healthcare systems in the world! 


2. Da Nang, Vietnam 


Known to be the tourist capital of South-Central Vietnam, this west coast city offers you lush mountains and beautiful sunsets! But these aren't the only reasons we think Da Nang is one of the best places to retire worldwide. 


This modern Vietnamese city is something you should really consider due to its charming riverfront and its proximity to three major UNESCO World Heritage sites. Combined with it, Asia's culture packed with western amenities is something everyone should consider! In Da Nang, you will actually find a robust community of expats as residents with terrific shopping experiences. Almost all your best brands are situated here, plus at bargain prices. 


As a person looking forward to retirement here, you will actually have an excellent standard of living here, just under $800 a month! Doesn't that sound terrific?


3. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic



Santo Domingo's history dates back over 500 years and is one of the most affordable places to retire around the world. It has its rustic charm intact but is freshly wrapped in cosmopolitan wrapping! You can actually start a business here and get a new perspective on life. 


The skyline of Santo Domingo is not just limited to tiny houses and some sky-high glass buildings but is also dedicated to century-old stone cathedrals. The overall culture of the city is European, mixed with Latin-based friendliness. 


Expenses here are a bargain in comparison to other locations around the world. A couple can easily enjoy a great, high-end quality of life on a reasonable budget. The budget, in fact, could be as little as $1000 for a month if you own a home here. The city is overall walkable and also connected well by a network of public transportation. 


Most expats living here currently are doing just fine without incurring any vehicular expenses! 


4. Penang, Malaysia 


Penang is a small tropical island located just off the west coast of Malaysia. The overall population here is a little over 700,000, and the majority of people live in the capital city Georgetown! 


The overall lifestyle in Penang qualifies as exotic as well as the first world. The population here is a melting point of all kinds of languages and cultures, fused together. But English is one of the most popularly spoken languages here, so folks from the USA need not worry! 


Foreigners are welcome here, with open arms on this safe island nation. The city is way beyond the concepts of high-rise apartments and houses one of the best-preserved old cities in all of Asia. 


Here, the low cost of living is one of the biggest appeals, especially as far as stylish seaside settlements are concerned! You can really get a house on the beach here and live lavishly. To top it all, palm-fringed sandy beaches here will make your day, every single day! You can spend your days swimming in the clear sea waters, playing a round of golf, and trekking the Penang Hill slopes. 


5. Tulum, Mexico 



This Mexican hotspot in the middle of the Caribbean ocean, Tulum, is the world's best and the most affordable place to retire. The location is just perfect for seniors, not just because of all the low prices but also because of easy access to affordable healthcare services. 


The overall ambiance of Tulum is welcoming and is a magnet for all environmentally conscious people. Another reason to move here is the wide range of fashion boutiques, yoga studios, and other wellness centers decorated with boho interiors.


The overall style of Tulum is pretty laid-back. Nobody is really in a rush here. People seem to enjoy the stunningly beautiful sandy beaches, exquisite cuisines and be closer to nature and peace. 


Furthermore, Tulum offers fantastic value on homes and condos here, which means expats, as well as retirees, are going to have a lot of fun living by the beach for less than $1500 a month! 


A pretty varied list of locations, right? 


This diverse list will genuinely offer you an incredible home and are some of the best places to retire around the world, for just under $1500 every month. Wrap up your career, start living your life in one of these places! Your whole life will become a vacation! 


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