10 Best American Cities to Visit in Spring: FUN without FEES!

A bunch of some cheerful moments away from the daily grind is always great. So when you’ve made it through the gloomy winters shivering inside your cocoons, it is time to reward yourself with an intoxicating spring vacation. It’s time to give yourself a bounty for all those struggles you’ve had through winters. Are you considering calling it off because you can’t afford it? You need not always have to shell out a fortune to grab a little sunshine into your life. So, Leisure expert travelers have brought you some pretty interesting stuff — you can actually have all the FUN without all the FEES. We’ve kept everything in mind while bringing this final draft to you — lodging costs, free things to do, food, things to do & more. We’ve put together a couple of the best cities to visit in spring that won’t run you into the red. 

Of course, picking the best cities to visit in Spring could be tricky with so many options available for a spring break in the USA. Choosing one, from the tons of exciting destinations could be pretty overwhelming. But, the idea is — a spring vacation should not cost you an arm and a leg. To find a cheap spring break travel destination is always an idea, particularly if you’re on a budget. We’ve created this list of 12 Unbelievably Cheap & best cities to visit in Spring in the USA for those who have been setting their sights on saving some extra bucks. While the list is a BIG one, we’ve narrowed it down for you based on where the flight prices for US domestic airlines are considerably down and where you can find some exciting deals on hotels. Let’s read to discover the 12 cheap cities to visit in spring. 

Here we go:


1. Puerto Vallarta, México



Average Temperature in April: 28 degrees

Flight Time From New York City: 5 hours 

Cheap Events and Attractions: The Church of Our Lady Guadalupe, Playa Los Muertos, and hike up one of the rocky crags.

Puerto Vallarta is a tropical paradise for spring breakers. Located halfway in and around Mexico’s Pacific Coast, this place is popular among all kinds of travelers. Puerto Vallarta, in particular, caters to Canadian and American tourists. The tourist season starts drawing to a close in May and it is when you can look out for special leisure travel packages and deals. For frugal travelers, there are massive numbers of cheap hotels & restaurants outside the beachfront district. For catching up some fun without fees travel to the two beaches — Playa Boca de Tomates in the north & Playa Los Muertos in the south. 


2. Washington, D.C.



Average Temperature in April: 19 degrees

Flight Time From New York City: 40 minutes

Cheap Events and Attractions: The Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, Smithsonian Castle, the National Zoo, West Potomac Park, and the FDR Memorial.

When you are talking about the best cities to visit in spring in the USA, you cannot just forget to mention Washington, D.C. Surprisingly the metro city has plenty of affordable tourist attractions including low-cost cultural institutions and grand public spaces. You can stroll around the places like Rock Creek Park and the National Mall all through the day without paying a dime. Another amazing thing about this place is its weather during the springtime which attracts tourists from all over the world. With the year reaching March, the chills have almost gone away and summers are still not there— so spring vacations are such a perfect time of the year, when you can make it just with an umbrella. 


3. San Diego, California



Average Temperature in April: 20 degrees

Flight Time From New York City: 6 hours

Cheap Events and Attractions: Balboa Park, San Diego Air & Space Museum, San Diego Zoo, San Diego Natural History Museum, Harbor Island Park, Coronado Island,  Fiesta Island Park, and more. 

With miles of sandy beaches & top-tier golf courses, San Diego is one of the best cities to visit in spring in the USA. Located on the western coast of America, the exotic vibe of the city is beyond words. You can say the climate in San Diego is beyond words even when you talk about the California standards. The sunshine is all over the place at the beginning of the spring season. While there are a couple of overpriced bars & restaurants, you can always find some cheap options particularly in the area around the University of San Diego’s campus, which is the hub of affordable hotels. 


4. Savannah, Georgia



Average Temperature in April: 25 degrees

Flight Time From New York City: 2 hours, 25 minutes

Cheap Events and Attractions: See the Savannah River, Forsyth Park, Daffin Park, locally operated seafood shacks, around in the historical quarters, marshes, and estuaries.

There is no city in the Southeast that can match the historic charm of Savannah. The lush green parks, well-preserved museum of 18th-century brownstones, cobblestone streets, and so much more to get awestruck at. For the folks who enjoy the warm weather & beachfront living —the beach communities including St. Simons Islands, Tybee, Hilton Head are great places to go. Those who are traveling in groups can go renting a beachfront house on one of the islands. Away from the historic heart, you’ll also find numerous affordable lodging options. And, even if you do not want to invest money in the hotel prices, you can set up a camp.


5. Napa/Sonoma, California



Average Temperature in April: 22 degrees

Flight Time From New York City: About 6 hours

Cheap Events and Attractions: Local vineyards visit in both Sonoma & Napa ( Heitz Wine Cellars and Buehler Vineyards are the two oldest wineries of Napa), Visit Hood Mountain Regional Park, Annadel State Park, and other natural attractions. 

Located just about 50 miles from the north of San Francisco, the elegant and sophisticated twin wine country is one of the best cities to visit in spring. The twin valley is home to more than 400 wineries where you can pretty easily spend a week flitting around the tasting rooms. Besides, you have a lot more to enjoy your vacation— the amazing sightseeing tours, spas, not to forget the locally-sourced cuisine, and much more. So, you have got all the fun here —the miles of rolling vineyards, a wide variety of eateries, and some amazingly adventurous biking trails. The epicurean capital United States offers surprises at every other turn! Napa and Sonoma together are considered some of the most affordable cities to travel to in the United States. 


6. Nashville, Tennessee



Average Temperature in April: 22 degrees

Flight Time From New York City: 2 hours, 20 minutes

Cheap Events and Attractions: Hiking in the picturesque hills, visit its impressive zoo, perusing Nashville’s world-class art institutions, Stones River Bend Park, the Old Hickory Dam, and more. 

Nashville is popularly known for being the favorite place of some of the most creative people in the universe. All brimming with energy and music in every bit of the city’s air— and some amazingly wonderful drinks, the city’s inviting atmosphere has something inexplicably magical. The music city lives up to its name — with the unparalleled history of music, plenty of best restaurants, and the numerous art scenes, it will have your heart captured at every turn. Even today, a visit to the city is an ultimate pilgrimage for all the budding & wannabe songwriters. Nashville is way cheaper than what you might imagine it to be. 


7. Panama City, Florida



Average Temperature in April: 25 degrees

Flight Time From New York City: 4 hours, 10 minutes, including layover

Cheap Events and Attractions: visit St. Andrews State Park, Point Washington State Forest, saltwater fishing, and try some locally prepared affordable seafood.

Panama City is a bunch of diverse landscapes, plenty of vacation possibilities, and some amazingly interesting towns. Be it along the Caribbean or the pacific coast, there are numerous beautiful islands and beaches. Besides, there are some great small towns, hiking trails, coffee plantations along with the mountainous interior. For most people visiting, they’ll love going to the Casco Viejo, the Old Town to learn some historical facts. Panama City is one of the best cities to visit in spring and is a great choice for travelers who are on a budget. And, if you are on a frugal vacation, Leisure.com travel expert editors recommend you to look for non-beachfront accommodations, or maybe they should go for a rental property on the outskirts. 


8. Cocoa Beach, FL



Average Temperature in April: 26 degrees

Flight Time From New York City: 2 hours 50 minutes

Cheap Events and Attractions: Lori Wilson Park, Adventure Kayak of Cocoa Beach, Calypso Kayaking, Cocoa Beach Skate Park, EZ Catch Fishing, Golf-N-Gator, and more.

The Cocoa Beach does not disturb you — with no skyscraper, no perturbation from the cacophony of the city & no traffic stricken roads, there is simply nothing to drag your peace down. This place is accurately apt for all those who wish to take pleasure from the gifts of nature. All laden with soft sub-tropical scenes, wonderous sunrises & soothing breezes, this place is a paradise for nature lovers. 


9. Blowing Rock, NC



Average Temperature in April: 15 Degrees

Flight Time From New York City: 2 hours 10 minutes

Cheap Events and Attractions: Tweetsie Railroad, Moses H. Cone Memorial Park, The Blowing Rock, Julian Price Memorial Park, Flat Top Manor, Appalachian Ski Mountain, Blowing Rock Brewery, and more. 

Located in western Carolina, the mountain town is the hub of plenty of outdoor activities along with being one of the best cities to visit in spring for a budget-friendly trip. The Blowing Rock is located about 15 miles away from Sugar Mountain. The town is located in the vicinity of the Blue Ridge Parkway where you can go for a great hiking tour. You’ll find plenty of restaurants and shops to explore here in the beautiful storybook town. 


10. Palm Springs, CA



Average Temperature in April: 31 degrees

Flight Time From New York City: 5 hours 50 minutes

Cheap Events and Attractions: Palm Springs Art Museum, Free Hiking, Cabazon Cultural Museum, Shields Date Garden, VillageFest, Outdoor Public Art, Self-Guided Architecture Tour, windmills, and more.

Palm Springs is one of the best cities to visit in spring with warm enough temperatures and a sunny sky. You can all the way get the best of some great pool time with lots of affordable activities to do. Joshua Tree National Park is located a short drive away from Palm Springs where you can tee up for some mini-golf or maybe take a ride on the Aerial Tramway. 


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