6 Great Tips to Remember for Your Montego Bay Vacations

Palm trees on Jamaica beach in Montego bay

Montego Bay vacations lead you to the tourist capital and one of the biggest cities of Jamaica. Montego Bay vacations are highly popular among tourists due to round-the-clock entertainment, great shopping, and the Cave Beach. You can get away from the drudgery of daily life by going on cruises or visiting attractions such as Dunns River Falls and the Cockpit Country. Whatever you do, Montego Bay vacations are sure to fill your heart.


1. When to Go on Montego Bay Vacations

The rainy season in Jamaica is from June to November. You can try to avoid going on your Montego Bay vacations during this time. But you will get accommodations at low costs and a good temperature during this time. February and March are popular with tourists as there is excellent sunshine. Christmas and Thanksgiving are good times to go too.


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2. How to Reach Your Montego Bay Vacations

The Sangster International Airport is only a few miles away from the bay. The airport has connections to many American locations such as Los Angeles, St Louis, Philadelphia, and New York. The best way to embark on your Montego Bay vacations after arrival is through taxis or buses. There are also car rental outlets such as Thrifty, Budget, and Hertz at the airport. When you are driving from the airport, take the A1 towards the bay. Then move towards Sunset Boulevard to Doctors Cave Beach. The road also touches down on Kingston. So, you can also visit that place if it suits your schedule.


Many buses run between Montego Bay and Kingston. The buses take less than five hours to reach their location. Buses arrive next to the beach at Howard Cooke Highway. So, getting to seafront resorts will not pose any problem.


3. Where to Stay During Your Montego Bay Vacations

beach in Montego Bay Jamaica

During your Montego Bay Vacations, you will see that the top resorts are situated near Doctors Cave Beach or at the coast of Jamaica. All the top resorts are very close to the Caribbean, have great amenities, and provide lovely food. Many give easy access to the bay, good views, and are situated on the hillside. The Seafront has many resort hotels. It has Cornwall Beach and Doctors Cave. Here, you will get the Dump-Up Beach and the Aqua Sol Theme Park. Many events and concerts are held here regularly. It also houses the main dining and souvenir shopping neighborhood of the area. 


You may forget a fact when you are lazing around at the beach during your Montego Bay vacations. The city is very large with a vast population. So, it has some great shopping centers in the form of the James Place Shopping Center. You will also find the National Museum in Sam Sharpe Square. Spring Farm is a posh neighborhood in the city. The area is home to many expensive vehicles and premium houses. It is situated only a few miles from the bay. It is the choice for tourists who want access to the airport, play some golf at world-class courses, and generally want peace.


4. How to Get Around During Your Montego Bay Vacations

There are several routes on the bus network of the bay. They run from the city center to the coast. They are pretty useful if you want to go downtown. But it is not suitable for tourists who wish to move around the various beaches. Visitors usually go for the mini-buses that are provided by the resorts. This takes them wherever they want to go. You may be hailing or ordering a cab in Montego Bay. Then verify that it has a red license plate. This will ensure that they are officially licensed cars. Fix the fare before you start the ride. This is valid for any taxi that you choose. The rates of cabs can be pretty high. Short journeys between resorts also can cost you a heavy amount.


Driving around in your rented car can be a better choice than hailing cabs. Companies such as Montego Bay Car Rental and ACE will rent cars to drive around during your Montego Bay vacations. The rates are quite reasonable also. Driving the vehicle around the gorgeous island can be a little challenging for newbies. But experienced drivers will be able to navigate around the city easily. They can access locations such as Falmouth and Cockpit Country.


5. The Cost of Living During Your Montego Bay Vacations

Montego Bay vacations are not exactly known for crafts production or fashion shopping. But it has a popular duty-free emporium. Gloucester Avenue is the place to be if you want to get some good souvenirs. At Tropical Treasures, you will find many Jamaican goods such as jerk spices, rum, and cigars. Montego Freeport has the best duty-free shops. It is close to the cruise ship terminal. You will not find many supermarkets in the touristy locations of the city. But there are choices such as MegaMart, Hi-Lo, and Progressive Foods. These are all great options to buy the food items you need for beach lunches. The food prices are less than what it costs in the USA. The resort hotels have some of the top eateries in the area. There are also many standalone restaurants where there is incredible food. These places give you authentic Jamaican-style seafood, patties, and jerk dishes. The top restaurant on the Hip Strip is the Pork Pit.


6. Attractions During Your Montego Bay Vacations

The Doctors Cave Beach is the major attraction in the bay. It has sparkling waters that are known for their healing abilities. There is a vast stretch of white, soft sand. If you cannot find the desired space at the beach, there are many other beaches nearby. So finding a room is never an issue here. Nature lovers will also be delighted during their Montego Bay vacations. They can hike into the wild in Cockpit Country, go to the Swamp Safari Village to check out the crocodiles, or go rafting in the Martha Brae River. Cockpit Country also has wild orchids, small communities, and wonderful scenery. Montego Bay is well known for its very welcoming resorts. They make your Montego Bay trip a delight. Locations such as Secrets Wild Orchid and Sandals give many cocktails and seafood, comfy rooms, and relaxing pools at very reasonable rates.


Jamaica has a deep and rich history. The bay is a great area to know more about it. The Bellefield Great House is a plantation house where you can get a tour of the 300-year-old house and have a buffet of jerk chicken and rum punch. There is also a similarly aged Falmouth, which has been left untouched since that time. The bay area gives you a wide variety of activities and outdoor sports. These include great golf courses and horse riding. You can go ziplining with canopy tours or rent a superbike and go on the road to explore Jamaica.



You may want to sip cocktails, dive in the pristine waters, or relax at the beach all day. Montego Bay vacations give you all of that. You can also get some experience of Jamaican life with the street life and the busy markets.

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