8 Best Beach Vacation Destinations: An Odyssey of Endless Sunshine

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jan 14,2021

There is no odyssey in life that is as serene and peaceful as catching some sunshine at a beach. There is no experience as heavenly as getting lost in the massive stretch of white sand and breathing life into your vacation than at a beach. Be it soaking up the sun or cooling off in clear blue salty waters or burying your toes in the sand — there is absolutely no other way of discovering the magically spectacular beauty that the earth upholds. And, there is something uniquely idiosyncratic about every beach — from Varadero Beach to the North Island in Seychelles to the El Nido, Palawan in the Philippines. In this article, we’ll take you through a virtual journey of 8 such aesthetically gorgeous beaches around the world. Whether you are a surfer and seeking the perfect wave or a diver thriving coral reefs — this article has got you covered. Check out the article to discover the best beach vacation destinations around the world:



Varadero Beach


Varadero, the largest beach resort in the Caribbean, located in the province of Matanza is one of the most popular beach resorts in Cuba. For its calm and clear waters, it is often referred to as “Blue beach”. Varadero Beach is situated on a narrow peninsula that is about 12 miles long and is less than a mile wide. You’ll find a huge number of hotels, restaurants, poolside entertainment, shops, and more in the neighborhood of the beach. There are several dive centers where you can enjoy snorkeling classes, scuba diving tutorials, and other water sports lessons. 



North Island, Seychelles


North Island, also known as “Sunset Beach” is where you’ll get to experience the sunset as the sea turns pink and the West Beach Bar buzzing with some popular voices. If you’re looking for a secluded place where you can catch some peace and serenity — North Island, is the place to be in. The beach offers you a massive space where the embrace of the giant granite peaks dwarf and the tropical palms is something great to experience. Some of the most popular celebrities like Prince William and Kate Middleton & George and Amal Clooney — have come to this dreamland for their honeymoon. Undoubtedly, there is something about this place that has attracted these celebrities to this gorgeous “Sunset Beach”. 



Providenciales, Turks and Caicos


The Turks and Caicos Islands, the tiny tropical archipelago located in the south of the Bahamas is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in the world. The tranquil marine surrounding, the plenty of luxury resorts, gorgeous dining options, and extremely amicable people — everything is so amazing about the place. In this land of paradise, there are absolutely so many things to do and discover — from the crystal clear warm waters to the abundance of marine life, and the absolutely magnificent tropical wetlands, every inch of the place will make you fall in love with your vacation. That is why our luxury travel writers and experts call it one of the best beach destinations in the world and in the Caribbean beaches. 



El Nido, Palawan, Philippines


Another in our list of best beach destinations around the world is “El Nido, Palawan”. The Philippine municipality located on Palawan island is popularly known for its beautiful beaches as calm as the cucumber, the Bacuit archipelago, and the coral reefs. The place attracts millions of tourists from across the globe for plenty of dive sites like the long tunnel of the Dilumacad Island that leads to an underwater cavern. El Nido, in particular, is located at the tip of Palawan Island and is spread in an area of about 400 sq km. It has as many as 45 islands and islets, which are all part of the Bacuit Archipelago. El Nido, whose name comes from the fact that the place is known for turtle breeding — boasts popular white-sand beaches, spectacular limestone rock formations, coral reefs, white-sand beaches, and turquoise waters. El Nido, without any doubt, is one of the best beach destinations in the world.  



Seagrass Bay, Laucala Island, Fiji


Laucala Island is the most beautiful vacation destination in Fiji, and we say that with absolute confidence. Laucala is a private island owned by Dietrich Mateschitz who bought it in 2003 for the purpose of turning it into a resort destination for his celebrity friends and himself. Later, after some thoughtful years of planning, Laucala became one of the most favorite beach destinations for a bunch of ardent travelers. Today, Laucala is the perfect space for people who are looking for serenity, peace, inspiration, and a calm atmosphere. Covered with tropical jungle, pristine beaches, spellbinding marine life, the island is home to some of the rarest birds in the world. It’s simply a paradise for the birdlife watchers!



Banana Beach, Koh Hey (Coral) Island, Phuket, Thailand


Banana Beach is also called the Island in the sun — there’s always something beautiful to be discovered at every other turn! From the white sand between your toes, the rising green jungle, and the gentle blue sea swishing — everything just defines heaven on earth. Banana Beach is one of the best beach destinations where you would experience the most beautiful atmosphere of Phuket. And, there is a huge number of adventurous activities to do — including a speedboat ride, and water activities such as scuba diving, parasailing, banana boating, and snorkeling. The Banana Boat rides are popular and you must not miss that when you are here at Banana Beach. 



Unawatuna, Sri Lanka


Unawatuna is one of the most popular beaches in Sri Lanka. And, there are spots in the surrounding of Unawatuna including the Galle Fort, plenty of shopping spots, little boutiques, and the market stalls popping up in the vicinity that will catch your attention. The Hipster cafes will lure you with their sumptuous menu and the nightlife of Unawatuna is more exciting than any other part of Sri Lanka. Located near Galle city, Unawatuna in Sri Lanka, without any doubt, is one of the best stretches on the island. The tranquil warm water may not be a sought-after destination for the surfers, but it is definitely a gem for family vacationers. 



Matira Beach, Bora Bora


All wrapped in the pristine sand stretching to about a mile in the southern tip of the Bora-Bora — the Matira Beach is an amazing gift for all beach lovers. The sapphire-colored lagoon waters, the shade of a coconut palm, and the sun-kissed atmosphere make you go head over heels. On top of that, plenty of boutiques and waterfront restaurants will have you dine in the most tranquil surrounding ever.



Our luxury travel experts have rated Matira Beach among one of the best beach destinations in the world. Be it viewing the gentle waters of the lagoons or wandering around the eastern shore of the beach — there is magic at every turn. And, the beach umbrellas and the coconut palms are perfect for a family beach day out. The best thing about Matira Beach is that, in Bora bora, it is the only public access beach, so even budgeteers can enjoy the beauty as they do not have to spend on five-star resort prices. 


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