Best Time to Visit Seychelles: When To Plan Your Dream Vacay

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Seychelles, with its turquoise waters, pristine beaches, and abundant exotic flora and fauna, it's no wonder that it's become a dream destination for travelers worldwide. However, with so much natural beauty, planning the perfect trip to Seychelles can be overwhelming, especially when choosing the right time to visit.


The best time to visit Seychelles depends on various factors, including the weather, festivals, and events. Seychelles has a tropical climate and experiences two distinct seasons: dry and wet. The dry season is from May to October, while the wet season is from November to April. Each season has unique advantages and disadvantages, which we will explore in more detail in this article. Whether you're a beach lover, an adventure seeker, or a culture enthusiast, Seychelles has something to offer everyone. In this article, we'll provide all the information you need to plan the perfect trip to Seychelles, including the best time to visit, what to expect during each season, and tips for making the most of your trip. So, let's dive in and start exploring this paradise on Earth!

Weather in Seychelle

The weather is one of the most crucial factors to consider when planning a trip to Seychelles. The climate in Seychelles is tropical, with temperatures ranging from 24C to 32C throughout the year. However, the weather patterns in Seychelles are divided into two seasons: the dry season and the wet season.

Dry Season (May to October)

The dry season in Seychelles runs from May to October, making it the best time to visit Seychelles. During this time, the weather is pleasant, with clear skies, low humidity, and refreshing breezes. The sea is calm, and the water is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and diving. The dry season is also an excellent time for hiking, as the trails are not too muddy, and the temperature is comfortable.

Wet Season (November to April)

The wet season in Seychelles runs from November to April, and the weather can be unpredictable during this time. High humidity, occasional rains, and strong winds characterize the wet season. The sea can be rough, making indulging in water sports activities challenging. However, the wet season is an excellent time to visit Seychelles for birdwatching, as many migratory birds visit the islands during this time.

Festivals and Events in Seychelles



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Carnaval International de Victoria

If you're a fan of vibrant colors, live music, and cultural festivities, the Carnaval International de Victoria is a must-attend event in Seychelles. This famous festival is held annually in April and celebrates the diversity of Seychellois culture. The festival features a grand parade with colorful floats, traditional dances, and live music from local and international artists. Visitors can also enjoy street food and drinks and various other activities, such as cultural performances and exhibitions.

Seychelles Ocean Festival

The Seychelles Ocean Festival is a paradise for nature and ocean lovers annually in November. The festival celebrates the marine life and natural beauty of Seychelles, and visitors can participate in various activities such as snorkeling, diving, and beach clean-ups. The festival also features exhibitions, workshops, and talks on marine conservation and sustainable tourism. If you're interested in marine life and want to learn more about the efforts to protect it, then the Seychelles Ocean Festival is the perfect event for you.

Festival Kreol


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The Festival Kreol is a week-long celebration of Creole culture and traditions held annually in October. The festival is a vibrant and colorful showcase of Seychellois Creole culture, with various activities such as Creole music, dance, food, and art. Visitors can experience traditional Creole dishes, such as grilled fish and spicy curries, and enjoy the sounds of traditional Creole music and dance. The festival also features exhibitions, workshops, and Creole culture and history talks. If you're interested in cultural festivities and want to experience Seychelles' unique and colorful culture, then the Festival Kreol is a must-attend event.

Pros and Cons of Visiting Seychelles During Peak Season

While the dry season is the best time to visit Seychelles, it is also the peak season, which means that the prices are higher and the crowds are more significant. Here are some pros and cons of visiting Seychelles during the peak season:


  • Pleasant weather and calm sea, perfect for water sports activities.
  • Ideal for hiking and outdoor activities.
  • Vibrant atmosphere, with various festivals and events.
  • Perfect time for photography enthusiasts.


  • Higher prices for accommodations, flights, and activities.
  • Crowded beaches, restaurants, and tourist attractions.
  • Difficult to find a secluded spot or have a private experience.
  • Limited availability for accommodations and activities.

Best Time to Visit Seychelles for Budget Travelers

If you're a budget traveler, avoid the peak season and consider visiting Seychelles during the shoulder season. The shoulder season is the period between the peak season and the low season, and it offers a perfect balance of good weather, fewer crowds, and lower prices. The best time to visit Seychelles for budget travelers is from April to May and October to November.


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Seychelles is a beautiful destination that offers something for everyone. Whether you're a beach lover, an adventure seeker, or a culture enthusiast, Seychelles has it all. The best time to visit Seychelles depends on your preferences and interests, but the dry season from May to October is generally the best time to go. However, if you're a budget traveler, consider visiting Seychelles during the shoulder season. Regardless of when you visit Seychelles, it will surely be a memorable experience you'll cherish forever. We hope this comprehensive guide has helped you plan your dream vacation to Seychelles. Don't forget to check out for more information and tips on planning your trip. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, book tickets, and prepare for an unforgettable Seychelles experience. Bon voyage!


When is the best time to visit Seychelles for a honeymoon?

The best time to visit Seychelles for a honeymoon is during the dry season, from May to October. The weather is pleasant, and the sea is calm, making it perfect for a romantic getaway.

Is Seychelles safe for tourists?

Seychelles is a safe country for tourists, with a low crime rate. However, taking precautions is always best, such as avoiding isolated areas at night and keeping your valuables safe.

What is the currency used in Seychelles?

The currency used in Seychelles is the Seychelles rupee (SCR).

What are the must-visit places in Seychelles?

Some must-visit places in Seychelles include Anse Source d'Argent, Beau Vallon Beach, Vallee de Mai Nature Reserve, and Curieuse Island.

Should I avoid peak season in Seychelles?

If you don't mind the public and want to experience the lively atmosphere, visiting during the peak season might be a good option. But if you prefer a quieter and more relaxed experience, consider visiting during the shoulder or low season.

What activities are available in Seychelles during different seasons?

Seychelles offers a wide range of activities throughout the year, but the availability of some activities may depend on the season. During the dry season (May to October), you can enjoy water-based activities such as snorkeling, diving, and surfing, as the sea is calm and clear. In contrast, during the wet season (November to April), you can enjoy hiking and exploring the lush green forests as the rains bring out the beauty of the islands' flora and fauna.

When is the peak tourist season in Seychelles?

The peak tourist season in Seychelles is from December to January and July to August. During these months, the weather is pleasant, and some many events and festivals attract tourists from all over the world. However, this also means that prices for accommodations, flights, and activities are higher, and the beaches and tourist attractions can be crowded. If you're looking for a quieter and more budget-friendly experience, visiting during the shoulder or low season might be a better option. 

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