8 Best Holiday Travel Destinations To Explore This April

With the greener hills, quieter beaches, shining sun, picturesque views, blooming flowers, and colors everywhere, the month of April is a perfect time for a fun-filled excursion. During this month, every corner sparks more than ever, hills start warming up and get greener, the blanket of snow begins to shed, history becomes more joyful, and welcomes the travel buffs from different corners of the world to enjoy a delightful vacation. If you too are searching for places to go on a vacation in the month of April, then you are on the right spot. Undoubtedly, there is no dearth of holiday travel destinations to explore in April.


No matter if you want to walk in the wild, sculpt a phallus from a rootstock, or relish some wildest natural wonders, this April you must plan a vacation of your dreams. We have compiled some of the best destinations for your visit in the month of April. Here is a list of what April could look like. Pick any of the wanderlust-worthy holiday travel destinations and make the most of your 2021!


Let’s take a look!!!


1. Switzerland



European nation- Switzerland lies amidst mountains, villages, and lakes. It offers enticing views to the visitors which makes it a perfect romantic getaway. This mountainous country is renowned for its skiing resorts and breathtaking mountain stretch. 


Why Visit Switzerland In April? Being a little cold and a little warm, Switzerland is a perfect holiday travel destination to visit in April. No other time of the year is as great as April to Switzerland. During this time, this dreamy destination gets all covered with the finest colors of nature and offers fascinating views of lush green mountains and calming blue color sky. 

Climatic Condition: 3-14o Celsius with mild precipitation

Top Attractions: Rhine Falls, Jungfraujoch, Lake Lucerne, St. Moritz, Mount Titlis, Oberhofen Castle, Interlaken, Lake Geneva, Bern.

Things To Do In April: Due to pleasant weather go sightseeing, hiking, and skiing (On top hills).


2. Rome



Rightly said- “All roads lead to Rome!”. To understand the saying, you have to plan a vacay to Rome. It is a veteran city with a rich history, art, culture, heritage, food, touristy spots, and more. Being rooted in its tradition, this is an ideal holiday travel destination to get the best of both worlds.


Why Visit Rome In April? For unmatched charm, lip-smacking delicacies, fun-filled festivals, cool winds, and mild sunny days, this place is great to visit in April. With the arrival of Easter, liberation day, and its birthday, the city gets ready for ultimate fun. During this time, you can hear the upbeat rhythm of spring arrival and get the chance to enjoy the best of the city.

Climatic Condition: 8-18o Celsius with pleasant sun rays

Top Attractions: Trastevere, Borghese Palace, Roman Catacombs, Centro Storico, Trevi Fountain.

Things To Do In April: Take a food tour, go shopping, visit top attractions, and take part in vivid festivals


3. Japan



World-leading country- JAPAN is a majestic holiday travel destination that is all filled with shrines and temples, glitzy mountains,  stunning gardens, and a plethora of great attractions. After the tragedy of World War II, this city came back stronger and advanced. This wonderful country is a perfect blend of man-made and natural wonders. With so much to offer, this country is worth visiting.  


Why Visit Japan In April? A vacation to Japan in the month of April can be described in two words: CHERRY BLOSSOMS! During the month of April, the whole country gets turned pink with cherry trees in every nook and corner of the country. Apart from the beauty and pleasant weather, Japan in April hosts various festivals that you can’t miss. Pay a visit in April and welcome the spring!!!

Climatic Condition: 5-10o Celsius

Top Attractions: Imperial Tokyo, Kawasaki, Mount Fuji, Temple City, Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, Historic Kyoto.

Things To Do In April: Celebrate Hanami festival and Yozakura, go for mount climbing, enjoy the nightlife, relish the Suno show, explore attractions, and enjoy the traditional Kabuki dance. 


4. Namibia



The next amazing holiday travel destination on the list is NAMIBIA. It is a country of contrast with a diverse variety of wildlife and breathtaking desserts. If you are looking for adventurous travel, then picking Namibia is a great option. The fact that makes this country unique is that it receives almost no rain throughout the year. Despite offering not so decent atmosphere, its top attractions make it worth a visit.  


Why Visit Namibia In April? If you are planning to visit Namibia, then you must plan for the month of April. During this month, this country offers amazing weather conditions with pleasant winds and an abundance of greenery everywhere. For all the wildlife seekers, the month of April is great for witnessing newborn animals and birds that are migrated to the desert. Mild weather, clear sky, and after rain greenery, makes this country great to witness in April. 

Climatic Condition: 13-26° Celsius with pleasant days and cold nights.

Top Attractions: Kolmanskop, Skeleton Coast, Spitzkoppe, Cape Cross, Twyfelfontein, Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon.

Things To Do In April: Go for wildlife sightseeing, capture spectacular beauty on camera, stroll through the desert, and opt for jungle safari.


5. Vietnam



If you are a history buff, then visiting Vietnam will be an amazing experience. It is a country in Asia that is highly known for its magnificent beaches, tranquil rivers, culture-rich cities, and variety of Buddhist monasteries. From delectable cuisine to indigenous craft to lush green mountains to bizarre caves, this country is no less than a paradise. 


Why Visit Vietnam In April? With the arrival of April, the beauty of Vietnam enhances to a great extent. It offers a comfortable temperature with less humidity and rainfall. Spring in the country is also great for enjoying some incredible festivals. Besides weather and festivals, the month of April is great to plan because of the lesser crowd. This makes this holiday travel destination calm and quiet. 

Climatic Condition: 25-30° Celsius

Top Attractions: Khai Dinh Tomb, Marble Mountains, Tam Coc, Hang Son Doong Cave, Bac Ha Market, Mui Ne, Ha Long Bay.

Things To Do In April: Take a train ride, go sightseeing, enjoy boating, relish hot-air balloon rides, try your hands on kayaking, go for a hike, and take part in festivals.


6. Bolivia



With biological diversity, impeccable beauty, otherworldly spaces, and wonderful architecture, this country definitely deserves a space in the list of best holiday travel destinations. This mesmerizing country is nested in central South America and is surrounded by outstanding mountains, deserts, and rainforests. Among various places in the world, Bolivia is a perfect reflection of paradise. 


Why Visit Bolivia In April? Although Bolivia is a splendid vacation destination, its beauty just gets double in the month of April. With the arrival of April, the rainy season comes to an end and offers this place an exquisite beauty that you can’t miss. April turns this city into a magical wonderland with amazing weather and a lesser crowd. Beyond this, one thing that will make you visit this country is its Uyuni salt flat. In this month, the salt flat gets turned into a reflecting mirror which offers the view that would last in your mind for a lifetime!

Climatic Condition: Varies between 15-22° Celsius

Top Attractions: Lake Titicaca, Yungas Road, Sucre, Uyuni Salt Flat, Isla Del Sol, Samaipata, Cerro Rico Potosi. 

Things To Do In April: Go for a hike, being a part of their celebrations, enjoy the carnival, relish Bolivia’s independence day, and enjoy top attractions.


7. Amsterdam



If we are talking about holiday travel destinations to visit in April, then you can’t miss Amsterdam. This popular touristy place is a cosmopolitan city that is known worldwide for its beauty and amazing history. This fascinating city is a perfect mix of natural and man-made marvels. It is highly known for its canals, jollity, and bridges. If you are looking for real beauty, then you must plan a vacation to Amsterdam. 


Why Visit Amsterdam In April? Amsterdam is a charming place that welcomes the spring with all colors. In this month of the year, the whole city gets covered with colors of nature. With vivid colors, every nook and corner of Amsterdam gets Instagrammable and perfect to light up your mood. You will find various beautiful flowers blooming on the street. This place is definitely much more than a party capital of the world. Pay a visit and discover the beauty!

Climatic Condition: Between 4-110 Celsius

Top Attractions: Dam Square, The Anne Frank Museum, The Jordaan, The Rijksmuseum, Rembrandt House Museum, Vondelpark.

Things To Do In April: Take a ride to gardens for enjoying blooming flowers, get colorful pictures for your ‘gram, enjoy delectable cuisine that is prepared from fresh farm ingredients. 


8. Crete



One of the finest destinations that you ought to visit in the month of April is- CRETE! Perched in the south of Greek island, this island is widely known for its luxurious resorts, amazing cafes, charming villages, and breathtaking beauty. Here you will find crystal clear water, scenic mountainous views, clear skies, exotic stays, and much more. This little heaven is a great holiday travel destination that welcomes its visitors with open arms!


Why Visit Crete In April? April makes a great season to enjoy the attractions of this island in pleasant weather. Apart from that, in April you can take the advantage of a lesser crowd. The beaches that usually remain packed with visitors can be enjoyed in peace in this month of the year. In the comfortable weather, you can easily stroll through the attractions for longer hours and enjoy the best view in moderate winds. Without a doubt, you must plan a vacay to Crete in April!

Climatic Condition: 11-200 Celsius

Top Attractions: Agios Nikolaos, Rethymnon, Samaria Gorge, Beaches, Chania, Heraklion Archaeological Museum, Palace of Knossos.

Things To Do In April: Go on a drive to rugged mountains, enjoy sightseeing, pay a visit to villages, stroll on beaches in peace. 


April is a magical month that converts all the tourist places into fabulous attractions. With the mild sun and incredibly calming wind, this is a perfect month to explore the best of the destinations. By now, you must have decided which destination you are going to pick this April. Take help from this list and look forward to a great vacation!

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