Best Tourist Attractions In Denver: Discover The City With Kids!

Author: Megha Agarwal on Dec 08,2023
View of Denver skyline from the top of a Building

Kids are hard to please. Thats true. But when they will be in Denver they will surely smile from ear to ear. Thanks to the Plethora of kid-friendly best tourist attractions in the city. Lying exactly one kilometer above sea level, Denver is a beautiful city that is full of fun and entertaining attractions to keep kids happy. From the greenness of parks to playgrounds to water activities to fun rides, this city has an abundance of kid-friendly attractions. Denver with kids is a crazy experience! Families love to plan a vacation to this city with their kids and enjoy an abundance of natural beauty that this city has to offer. Believe us, on your visit to this vibrant city it is impossible to run-out of attractions. So, plan your sightseeing with the help of our list of best tourist attractions to enjoy with kids. This list will definitely come in great help. 


Lets start exploring!!!


Best Tourist Attractions In Denver That Are Ideal To Visit With Your Kids


1. The Denver Zoo

2. Denver Museum of Nature & Science 

3. Childrens Museum of Denver

4. Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park 

5. Denver Trolley 

6. Downtown Aquarium

7. Hammonds Candy Factory


Isnt this list exciting? Well, there cant be any other city than Denver that is full of adventurous and learning activities for kids. If you want to make your kids happy and have a fun experience with them, then plan a family vacation to Denver. Make sure you visit these 7 best tourist attractions and make your vacation an unforgettable experience. 


1. The Denver Zoo


Orangutan at the Denver Zoo


One of the best things you can do with your kids on a vacation is to enjoy wildlife. If you are in Denver, then visiting The Denver Zoo is a lifetime experience. It is located on the eastern edge of City Park and is ideal to provide your kids a close-up of the animal world. This zoo is one of the best tourist attractions and the first zoo in the entire United States that recreated the natural animals environment in the zoo rather than traditional cages. 


Why You Should Visit?: This zoo is home to more than 4,000 animals from 650 different species. Although you can go and make friends with some of the exotic animals like alligators, aye-aye, rhinoceros, cave fist, and more, you can also take a virtual tour of the zoo. Apart from the animals sightseeing, this zoo has several other activities like an animal party, jungle safari, educational tours, and shopping stores. 


Address: 2300 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205, United States

Recommended Age: The Denver Zoo is ideal for all ages of children. Even if you are an adult, you are going to have a good time here. 

Fee: Adults ($20), Children's ($14), Senior Citizens ($17)

Website: Denver Zoo


2. Denver Museum of Nature & Science 


Dinosaur specimen of the Denver Museum of Nature and Science


Perched just adjacent to the Denver Zoo, the Museum of Nature and Science is a must addition to the list of best tourist attractions to visit with kids in Denver. This is an interactive place built for all the curious kids out there who are passionate about the study of birds and mammals and different aspects of science. No matter how many times you come to this museum, you will always find something new to learn. 


Why You Should Visit?: If you are keen to learn about the history of Colorado or the whole universe, then this is the best trip attraction for you. Visiting this place, you will get to discover exotic wildlife and a lot about the earth. There are several popular exhibits at this museum-like Expedition Health, Prehistoric Journey, Discovery Zone, Gems and Minerals, and Space Odyssey. It also has a planetarium, along with an IMAX 3-D theater that will allow you to watch space and nature with the best views. 


Address: 2001 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80205, United States

Recommended Age: Children or adults of any age can have fun exploring this museum.

Fee: Adult ($5-$9), Youth 3-18 yrs and Senior Citizens ($4-$7), kids below 3 yrs (Free)

Website: Museum of Nature & Science 


3. Childrens Museum of Denver

Another one of the best tourist attractions in the city to enjoy with the kids is the Childrens Museum of Denver. This place believes in the learning power of the kids and hence, they open several doors for them to discover, explore, and learn in their own way. The museum not just made the learning simpler but also a lot of fun. Plan a whole day here on your vacation. Your kids will surely ask for more. 


Why You Should Visit?: It is a one-of-a-kind experience for the children to indulge themselves in various interactive exhibits. This place is an approximately 46,000 square foot building that has an Art Studio,  Joy Park, D.I.Y Area, Assembly Plant, Fire Station, Urban Water World, Book Nook, and a lot more. Although, there is nothing specific for the adults, chilling with kids and playing with them is in itself a great experience. 


Address: 2121 Children's Museum Dr, Denver, CO 80211, United States

Recommended Age: The museum is targeted towards newborn to eight-year-old children. But no child can enter the museum without an adult.

Fee: Age 1 ($12), Age 2-59 ($14), and Age 60+ ($12)

Website: Childrens Museum of Denver


4. Elitch Gardens Theme & Water Park 


Elitch Gardens Theme Park


No kids vacation to Denver is complete without visiting Elitch Gardens. This is one of the best tourist attractions in the city that was established back in 1890. This place is beyond a theme or water park. From thrilling rides to water slides to entertainment theater to the shopping centers to the dining area, this amusement park has everything for an exhilarating adventure for the kids. Visit this with your kids, they are going to love this!


Why You Should Visit?: If you are an adventure seeker, then this is enough reason to visit this park. The Elitch Garden has over 50 different rides, right from low to high intensity. It also has a 10-acre swimming area with multiple rides, wave pools, cannabis, and a lazy river. The highlight of this park is the 17-story Star Flyer which is a kids version.  


Address: 2000 Elitch Cir, Denver, CO 80204, United States

Recommended Age: This park is great to enjoy for all ages of travelers, whether you are a kid or an adult. However, for toddlers, this place doesnt have much. 

Fee: $64.99 (Offline) & $44.99 (Online) 

Website: Elitch Gardens


5. Denver Trolley 

No kid can deny that they find Denver Trolley interesting. Every kid loves riding the trains just as shown in the cartoons or movies. One such place is the Denver Trolley which is one of the best tourist attractions in Dever. It is an old railway company which was started back in 1885. During that time, it was connecting the city with various tracks and interurbans. But later it was abandoned due to the shift of travelers from trains to cars. To learn about the history and enjoy a whole new experience, you must visit this place with your kids. 


Why You Should Visit?: Visiting this trolley ride is a great way to learn about the rail history of Denver. Along with learning, it is a fun experience to ride on an open-air trolley. This offers scenic views all the way and also offers an audio narration that is perfect to learn about the history of the city right from the old golden days till today.


Address: 1416 Platte Street, Denver, Colorado

Recommended Age: It is a fun and learning experience that is great for all visitors irrespective of age. 

Fee: Adults 13 yrs or above ($5), Children below 13 ($2), and kids below 4 (Free)

Website: Denver Trolley


6. Downtown Aquarium


Downtown Aquarium of Houston


Its important for kids to know about natural habitats and what the world has to offer. One such thing that is prominent for the kids to learn is underwater life. For this, nothing can be better than visiting Downtown Aquarium. This is one of the highly visited and best tourist attractions in the city that opened in the year 1999. Since then, this aquarium is luring all the animal lovers to visit this and have a good time enjoying the underwater world. 


Why You Should Visit?: Visiting this place, kids can enjoy swimming with the sharks, watch mermaid shows, search for gold, feed seaworthy habitats, and become marine biologists. Along with this, here you can enjoy dining amidst spectacular marine life. Not just a home to exotic marine habitats like sharks, octopus, otters, and more, it has a 4-D theater, aquarium train, and Aquatic Carousel.


Address: 410 Bagby St, Houston, TX 77002, United States

Recommended Age: The aquarium welcomes visitors of all ages to discover, learn, and explore. 

Fee: Adults 12-64 yrs ($28.50), Seniors 65+ ($27.50), Children 3-11 yrs ($22.50), and kids 2 and under (FREE)

Website: Downtown Aquarium


7. Hammonds Candy Factory

Are your kids fond of Candies? Ever wonder how they are made? If yes, then Hammonds Candy Factory is the place for you. It is a beloved place for over 100 years and is producing the finest candies in the US. It was started as a small business, but today, it has grown into an international brand. Since kids have a sweet tooth, this place is one of the best tourist attractions to enjoy with your kids. 


Why You Should Visit?: For kids who love eating candies, this is no less than a paradise. Here they will get to know how candies are made, how they shape the lollipops, how treats are pulled, and much more. There are various video screens throughout the factory where you can see the close-ups of candy making. Visit this and satisfy your curiosity for sweet treats. 


Address: 5735 Washington St, Denver, CO 80216, United States

Recommended Age: Guests of all ages are going to love this place. If you love candies, then you will have a great time here irrespective of your age. 

Fee: The tour to the factory is FREE. However, you will be charged for hosting the parties or buying the treats. 

Website: Hammonds Candy


Among all the best tourist attractions in the city, these 7 are perfect to keep your little ones entertained. Must visit Denver with your family and consider this list on your vacation. It is waiting for your kids with lots of surprises and exciting offerings!

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