From Beaches To Fests: Find the Best Time to Visit Greece

Author: Nidhi Sood on Apr 11,2023
Tourist Woman in Oia, Santorini, Greece

If you are planning a trip to Greece and wondering about the best time, you have come to the right place. Greece is a popular travel destination with a rich history, beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, and delicious food. With so much to see and experience, it can be overwhelming to decide when to visit.

This blog will provide all the information about the best time to visit Greece. Each section will provide insights into the weather, events, and activities you can expect during that season. Whether you are looking to soak up the sun on the Greek islands or explore the ancient sites of Athens, we have got you covered. So, without further ado, let's dive into the best time to visit Greece.


Greece in Winter


Woman Greece tourist standing at mountain top observation deck


Winter is not the most popular time to visit Greece, but it can be an excellent opportunity to experience the country's cultural and historical treasures without the crowds. The winter months in Greece are from December to February, and the weather can be chilly and wet.

Athens, the capital city, can be a great destination during the winter months, with fewer tourists and lower accommodation prices. You can explore the ancient ruins, museums, and galleries without much of the crowds. The Christmas season in Athens is also a magical time to visit, with festive markets and decorations.

If you are looking for a winter getaway, the mountainous regions of Greece can offer spectacular scenery and winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. Popular ski resorts include Mount Parnassos, Kalavrita, and Mount Vermio. Moreover, the islands of Greece are less crowded in the winter, and you can find some fantastic deals on accommodations. While some of the touristy areas and beach resorts may be closed, there are still plenty of islands that are open year-round. Crete, for example, is the largest island in Greece and has a mild winter climate, making it an excellent destination for those seeking a quieter winter getaway.

Overall, winter can be a great time to visit if you are looking for a budget-friendly trip to Greece and don't mind cooler temperatures and fewer crowds. Pack warm clothing and rain gear, as the weather can be unpredictable.


Greece in Autumn


landscapes and monasteries of Meteora in autumn, Kalambaka, Greece


Autumn, from September to November, is considered by many to be the best time to visit Greece. The summer crowds have dissipated, and the weather is still warm and pleasant. The sea temperature is also perfect for swimming and water activities, and the sea is often warmest in September.

The fall foliage in Greece is stunning, and the changing colors of the trees make for breathtaking scenery. The cooler temperatures are perfect for exploring Greece's many historical sites and natural wonders without the heat and humidity of the summer months. Santorini, one of Greece's most popular islands, is an excellent destination in the autumn. Crete is another popular destination in the fall, with fewer crowds and a more relaxed atmosphere.

The autumn season in Greece is also the time for various cultural events and festivals. The Athens Epidaurus Festival, for example, is a famous arts festival from May to October and includes music, theater, and dance performances. The Thessaloniki International Film Festival is another popular event that takes place in November and showcases a variety of international films.

Overall, autumn is an excellent time to visit Greece, with comfortable weather, fewer crowds, and a range of cultural events to enjoy. Just be sure to book accommodations and activities in advance, as the fall season is still popular for tourists.


Greece in Summer


Santorini island, Greece In summer


From June to August, summer is Greece's peak tourist season. The weather is warm and sunny, and the beaches are crowded with tourists worldwide. The Aegean and Ionian seas are perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and water sports. The summer season is ideal for island hopping, and visitors can explore the stunning Greek islands by ferry or yacht.

Santorini and Mykonos are the most popular islands to visit during the summer, but plenty of other islands are worth exploring, such as Crete, Rhodes, and Corfu. In addition to the beaches, there are plenty of cultural and historical sites to visit, such as the Acropolis in Athens and the ancient ruins of Olympia.

It's important to note that summer can be very hot and humid, with temperatures soaring above 30C (86F). It's also the most expensive time to visit, with high season prices for flights, accommodation, and activities. However, the lively atmosphere and endless sunshine make it a worthwhile experience for many visitors.


Greece In Spring


Acropolis at sunset, Athens, Greece


Spring, from March to May, is a beautiful time to visit Greece. The weather is mild, and the countryside is lush and green, making it an excellent time for nature lovers. Spring is also a great time to explore the historical sites of Greece without the crowds of the summer season.

The wildflowers and blossoming trees create a stunning backdrop for hiking, cycling, and outdoor activities. The Peloponnese peninsula is particularly beautiful during the spring months, with its rolling hills and ancient ruins. The island of Corfu is also worth a visit in the spring, with its picturesque villages and stunning coastline.

Visitors can also enjoy the Greek Easter celebrations during the spring season. It's an important holiday in Greece, with many traditions and customs, like dyeing eggs red and attending midnight mass. The celebrations culminate in a massive feast on Easter Sunday, with lamb roasting on the spit and plenty of traditional dishes to enjoy.

Spring is also a shoulder season in Greece, meaning the prices are lower than in the summer, and the crowds are smaller. It's an excellent time to visit for budget-conscious travelers who want to avoid the peak season crowds.


Best Time To Visit Greece for Beach Lovers

Greece is known for its beautiful beaches, and the best time to visit for beach lovers is during the summer months, from June to August. The weather is warm and sunny, and the water is perfect for swimming and sports. The famous beaches in Greece can get crowded during peak season, so planning and booking accommodations are essential.

Some of the best beaches in Greece during the summer include Mykonos, Santorini, Crete, and Rhodes. These beaches offer crystal-clear waters, soft sand, and a range of water sports and activities. For those who prefer quieter and less crowded beaches, there are many hidden gems to discover, such as the beaches on the islands of Naxos and Milos.

If you plan to visit Greece during the off-season, the best time for beach lovers is in late spring or early fall. The weather is still warm enough for swimming, and the beaches are less crowded than in the summer months. Some of the best beaches in Greece during the off-season include Zakynthos, Lefkada, and Corfu.


Best traditional Greek dishes to try

Greece has an abundance of traditional dishes that are a must-try for every foodie. Some of the most famous Greek dishes include:

  • Moussaka - Layers of eggplant and potatoes with spiced ground lamb and a creamy bchamel sauce.
  • Souvlaki - Grilled meat (usually pork, chicken, or lamb) served on pita bread with tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki sauce.
  • Spanakopita - A delicious spinach and feta cheese pie wrapped in phyllo pastry
  • Gyro - Similar to souvlaki, but the meat is roasted vertically and sliced to serve
  • Fava - A traditional dish made with yellow split peas and topped with caramelized onions. 

Best food festivals in Greece

Greece is a land of festivals, and several food festivals occur yearly. Here are some of the best food festivals in Greece:

  • Athens Street Food Festival - A famous street food festival in Athens every May.
  • Tastes of Athens - A food festival in Athens every October.
  • Mushroom Festival - A festival in the mountain village of Kalavryta every September featuring mushroom dishes and products.
  • Kalamata International Dance Festival - A festival that takes place in Kalamata every July, with traditional Greek food and dance.
  • Tomato Industrial Museum Festival - A festival in Santorini every August, celebrating the island's tomato industry.

Best Time To Visit Greece For Culture Enthusiasts

Greece is rich in history and culture, and several events and festivals occur yearly. The best time to visit Greece for culture enthusiasts depends on your interests and what you want to experience.

Spring and fall are the best times to visit Greece for culture enthusiasts. During these seasons, the weather is mild, and you can explore the archaeological sites and museums without the crowds of tourists. Additionally, several cultural festivals and events take place during these seasons.


Best cultural events and festivals in Greece

  • Athens Epidaurus Festival - A festival that takes place in Athens and Epidaurus during the summer months, featuring ancient Greek drama and other cultural events.
  • International Film Festival of Thessaloniki - A festival that takes place in Thessaloniki every November, showcasing films from around the world.
  • Carnival of Patras - A carnival in Patras every February featuring parades, music, and dancing.
  • Athens Technopolis Jazz Festival - A jazz festival in Athens every May.
  • The Athens Marathon - A marathon that takes place in Athens every November, following the historic route from the ancient city of Marathon to Athens.


In conclusion, Greece is a beautiful country with a rich history, stunning beaches, delicious food, and vibrant culture. The best time to visit Greece depends on your preferences and interests. If you are a beach lover, summer is the perfect time to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of the Aegean Sea. If you are a culture enthusiast, spring and fall offer cooler temperatures and fewer crowds to explore the historical sites and attend cultural events and festivals.

It is essential to keep in mind the peak and off-seasons when planning your trip to Greece. Peak seasons are from June to August, when the temperatures are high and the crowds are at their maximum, while the off-seasons are from November to March when the weather is more relaxed and the crowds are fewer. To make the most out of your trip, pack accordingly and plan. Don't forget to try the traditional Greek dishes and attend the food festivals. And most importantly, book your Greek adventure with today and create unforgettable memories in this beautiful country. Thank you for reading this blog on the Best Time to Visit Greece, and we hope to see you soon in this magical destination.



When is the best time to visit Greece?

The best time to visit Greece depends on your preferences and what you want to do during your trip. If you're looking for a beach vacation, summer is the best time to visit. If you want to avoid the crowds, spring and autumn are great options. Winter is an excellent time to see if you're interested in cultural activities and sightseeing.

What is the weather like in Greece throughout the year?

The weather in Greece varies throughout the year. In summer, some areas can reach up to 30C (86F). Spring and autumn are mild with occasional rainfall, and winter can be cold and rainy with snow in the mountains.

What are the peak seasons in Greece?

The peak seasons in Greece are the summer months of July and August when most tourists visit. This is also the busiest time for the beaches and popular tourist attractions. Prices for accommodation and flights are higher during this time.

What are the off-seasons in Greece?

The off-seasons in Greece are spring (April to mid-June) and autumn (September to November). During these times, you can enjoy fewer crowds and lower prices. The weather is mild, and the scenery is beautiful, with blooming flowers in spring and autumn colors in fall.

What are the major festivals and events in Greece?

Greece has many festivals and events throughout the year, such as the Athens and Epidaurus Festival in the summer, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival in the fall, and the Carnival in February. Orthodox Easter is also a big celebration in Greece, with parades and feasts.

Is it cheaper to travel to Greece in the off-season?

Yes, it is generally cheaper to travel to Greece in the off-season. Prices for accommodation, flights, and activities are lower, and you can take advantage of discounts and deals. You can also enjoy fewer crowds and a more relaxed atmosphere.

What should I pack for a trip to Greece?

Packing light and comfortable clothing for a trip to Greece are essential, especially during summer. Bring beachwear, comfortable shoes for walking, and a hat and sunscreen for protection from the sun. Consider bringing a light jacket or sweater for cooler evenings. Don't forget your camera to capture your trip's beautiful scenery and memories.

What is the best month to visit Greece?

The best month to travel to Greece varies based on individual preferences and interests. If you're looking for warm weather and beach activities, July and August are the best months. However, May and October are great options for milder temperatures and fewer crowds.

What is the cheapest time to visit Greece?

The cheapest time to go to Greece is during the winter months of November to March. However, many tourist attractions and accommodations may be closed, and the weather can be chilly and rainy.

What is the worst time to visit Greece?

Due to the high temperatures and overwhelming crowds, the worst months to visit Greece are typically July and August. Prices for flights and accommodations are also higher during this peak season.

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