The 8 Best Small Towns In America For Your Next Home

Who wants to live in big cities anymore? No thanks! 


Nobody wants the mess anymore, the chaos, the crowds, all of the expensive things, working as hard as you can to reach work on time, even when it comes at the cost of your mental peace! 


There is more to our very existence than crowded spaces and schlepping to life. Maybe you really like the big, dreamy city life. To each their own! Good for you! 


But, for those of you, who love the comforts of their home, like me, I have personally prepared a list of some of the best small towns in America to visit and really make it your new home. 


This is, of course, a big adventure in people’s lives. With remote working, it is possible to settle down in all parts of the country, just to seek your inner peace and happiness, because nothing comes above and beyond the same! 


All the places we suggest are clean and affordable. They don’t come with a tag of outrageous pricing at all since you are leaving all of that behind to really get a perspective on life! 


The best small towns in America to visit and settle down! 


1. Eufaula, Alabama



Our first stop is definitely going to be Alabama. 


Population - 11,270


You can follow this not-so-small yet incredibly peaceful town with nearly 12,000 people. The town might appear as massive in terms of definition but is certainly not the most expensive one. What makes this town a gem is the home prices. Eufaula is situated right along the Georgia state line and the banks of the Chattahoochee River. 


The river is really clean and safe, just like the town. This small and cute town will appeal to people who are allured by the Southern charm. 


2. College, Alaska 


Another smart move you could make after going to college is moving to College again! Well, we are not talking about the same college. We are talking about College, Alaska


Population - 13,709 


This Fairbank suburb is prestigious, known for a university in town, with several other museums and also hiking trails. It definitely will appeal to the smarter of the lot. 


The town is pretty laid back. However, there might be a few drunk people roaming around the roads at some point, with only a couple of thefts every other week. But, if you are going about your business and being safe, no harm shall come to you. But, despite these issues, the biggest threat you would be facing here in College would be moose stomping! 


3. Bisbee, Arizona 



The town is located just an hour south of Tucson, around the Mule mountains. 


Population - 5,225


Bisbee is calm, composed, and not at all expensive. It is one of the best small towns in America to visit and settle in. Bisbee in Arizona was actually a mining town in the past. It is also depicted in snippets in its artsy historical culture and its downtown. 


To be honest, the town draws a lot of attention from tourists, which is a downside of living here. But if you want to be a part of the tourism industry, you would definitely make it big here! 


4. Eureka Springs, Arkansas 


The northwest part of Arkansas is perhaps one of the best parts of Arkansas, where our next small town, Eureka Springs, is located! 


Population - 2,074


Eureka Springs is located way up in the Ozark mountains, right near the Missouri border. The town is also known as “The No Stoplight Town,” named after hot springs that can be found here easily. 


But, just because it’s Arkansas, it does not mean the town will be conservative. It is one of the most progressive towns we have seen. This was, in fact, the first city in the state to endorse gay marriages! 


5. Arcata, California 



There are multiple small towns in America to visit and settle in, but to move to Arcata, you will have to go an extremely off-beat path! This is actually the natural beauty of this small town. 


Population - 17,231


Right in the middle of Humboldt county, close enough to Oregan, Arcata is only 10 minutes away from Eureka. The small town is located along the banks of an incredibly fascinating bay along the Pacific Ocean. 


Arcata is also home to a famous university, giving you all the more reasons to move here! And, guess what? You are also free to harvest marijuana and sell it!


6. Mystic, Connecticut


Mystic is the prototypical definition of the picturesque new small town. Resembling New England, this small seaside town is actually more than just a town. It also serves as a small ancient seaport. 


Population - 4,205


Another great reason to move to this town is to witness this colossal aquarium where you get to see all kinds of fish and aquatic life daily! 


7. DeFuniak Springs, Florida 



One of the best small towns in America to settle in is DeFuniak Springs. You probably haven’t heard much about this town unless you live right in the panhandle for Florida. 


Population - 6,969


Here, in this town, getting a home is an affordable assignment. Realty rates are cheap here. Multiple things reflect the true personality of Florida - Zaxby’s, Walmart, and Waffle House in this tiny town! 


Apart from its rustic, victorian charm, the town also has its very own natural lake shaped in an almost perfect circle. Another pro to moving here is that you are always just an hour away from the beach! So, hello sand in my toes, here I come! 


8. Ketchum, Idaho 


There are very few small towns in America that are on the expensive side; we are going to be ending our list with just the one - Ketchum, Idaho. 


Population - 2,773


This small town is located at the base of a ski resort in the Sawtooth National Forest region. So, for those who need a further extension for this - there’s going to be skiing here! The location is exceptionally artsy, with its own charm intact for many years now. But, the best part about Ketchum is neither its charm nor its artsy landscape - it's secluded! 


Yes, the location is known only to a handful of people. You can look at its popularity after seeing the population figures. And why is it so? Because it is not Insta-famous yet, you know what happens to places that get famous on social media platforms, right? 


Final Words: 


There you have it! Some of the best small towns in America to visit and settle in later. Do check out these towns, and if you do, thank us! Also, check out some of the best tour guides by Leisure. We can help you plan out your vacations in a matter of minutes! 


Happy vacationing to you! 


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