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The land of hidden treasures, Vermont, is unspoiled even today. You can wander around anywhere in the state, which is almost 80% full of forests. Pristine countryside farms and mountains will welcome you. The tiny towns with their scenic church steeples, greenery, villages, and colonial-era homes are the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. 


In Vermont, there is no place for sprawl. Highways are emptied of billboards by law, and on some roads, you will still find cows stopping the traffic daily. In the springs, you can discover sap boiling in sugarhouses that were built ages ago. While going down the road further, you will see chefs trained at culinary institutes using syrup to glaze pork tenderloins. 


What attracts people to Vermont is the landscape. Rugged terrains, rolling hills, green canopies, forests, lakes and streams, and so much more. This, in turn, helps people get outside of their comfort zone and get in touch with nature through swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, and mountain biking. The roads in Vermont span over 14,000 miles which are amazingly great when it comes to biking. 


Even though Vermont seems to have been locked in time, Leisure's best tour guide experts say that even today, almost anywhere you go, no matter when you go, the countryside, the breathtaking views, and the bewildering beauty will make you reach out for your camera every single time! 


Fun facts about Vermont


- Vermont comes from combining two French words - Vert, meaning Green, and Mont meaning Mountains. 

- Vermont was one of the first states to boycott slavery

- The state is second smallest in terms of population, after Wyoming, and sixth most minor in terms of the overall area

- The famous Ben and Jerry's ice cream brand commenced at a small gas station at Burlington in Vermont

- Vermont is home to maple syrup

- Before joining the Union, the land of Vermont was called New Connecticut

- After the initial 13 colonies, Vermont was the first state to join hands with the Union 

- President Calvin Coolidge was born in Vermont on July 4th, 1872.


Best time of the year to visit Vermont 


Visiting Vermont should never be dependent on the type of season or the weather. Vermont is never out of season. However, if you still wish to know the best season, it would be from May through June and September through October. 


Late spring and early summertime offer you the best of Vermont, with maple syrup, moderate crowd, and the Vermont City Marathon. 


Compared to May to June, the months of September and October see a large footfall in the region, making it a little expensive to have a vacation. The scenic views can enchant you worth a million dollars during this season. 


The busiest months to consider when visiting Vermont would be from July through August. This is owing to the long warm days, luscious winds, and bright blue skies. 


If you are looking to hike in Vermont, you should consider going during the mid to late summer season. During this time, you can also enjoy the farmer's market and multiple other activities and festivals. 


Traveling to Vermont 


Reaching Vermont is much easier than you think!


You can reach here by your vehicle.


To reach Vermont easily, you can drive from the nearby regions, like New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, and others. On average, the drive to Vermont from these locations is roughly between 4 to 6 hours. 


While on a road trip to Vermont, you will experience the natural beauty that describes the location, rural communities and meet with humble, down-to-earth modern people, making new friends. 


Vermont is home to so many conveniently located resorts in easily accessible locations through the beautiful and rustic Green Mountains. Interstates 89,91 and the Vermont Route 100 will lead you to smaller towns, country villages, and other attractions while you are on your way. 


You can get there from the airport.


The nearest airport to reach Central and Northern Vermont is the Burlington International Airport. Major carriers service the airport, like United, American Airlines, Delta, and JetBlue. 


There are multiple flight options available from New York, Boston, Albany, Hartford, Rutland, Manchester, Montreal, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, and others. 


You can get here by train. 


Two Amtrak routes operate between Washington, D.C., New York, Philadelphia, and Vermont, offering passengers daily services to most of Vermont's mountain regions. 


You can get here by bus. 


The Vermont Transit connects Vermont with Boston, New York, and Montreal daily as a part of the Greyhound system.


Vermont Tourism 



Historical Sites 


You can find a long list of 46 sites that played a massive role in the Civil War on the Vermont Civil War website, which includes the monuments to the war, museums, the underground railroad, and other sites. 


While you are in Vermont, pay a visit to the Vermont Historical Society and the Green Mountain Railroad. 


Tourist Attractions


Church Street in downtown Burlington is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Vermont. You can shop, dine in at the best cafes and restaurants, drink good beer and much more at eccentric bars, attend community events, discover Jazz festivals, street theater festivals and do so much more. 


You must also visit Ben & Jerry's original Ice Cream Factory in Vermont. 


Echo Lake Aquarium and Science Center is the perfect place in Burlington for science enthusiasts to find interactive exhibits, engaging educational programs, and more. 


You should also go to the Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum to get a glimpse of the region's local history and the state's contribution to snowboarding and skiing. You can visit the Museum website to learn more about the latest information on the timings and exhibits. 




As per our best tour guide experts, one of the best ways to enjoy Vermont is through the cultural exchange of food. Tourists in Vermont will enjoy exploring hundreds of delectable regional specialties and local cuisines during their time here.


Vermont is famous for cheddar cheese, maple syrup, Ben & Jerry's ice cream, artisan food, wine and breweries, fresh produce, and so much more! 


You can find local ingredients and products at Vermont's Farmers Market during all seasons. 


And of course, how can you forget, get your supply of Maple syrup from Vermont the next time you are there. And lastly, have a scoop of ice cream while taking a tour of the Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory in Waterbury. 


Restaurants not to be missed 


- Al's French Fry

- American Flatbread

- Barnard Inn Restaurant

- Ben & Jerry's scoop shop

- Claire's restaurant and bar

- Easy Street Cafe

- Cliff House

- Green Cup Cafe

- Green Room

- McCarthy's Restaurant

- Penny Cluse Cafe

- Swift House Inn

- Zabby and Elf's Stone Soup


Local festivals 


To get a unique and local experience of culture in Vermont, check out their festivals and local events around the region. These experiences can be joyful, exciting ways to interact with the local population and to learn more about their history, way of life, and culture directly. 


Witness the "Christmas at the Farm" event at the Billings Farm and Museum in Woodstock to get a feel of 19th century Christmas. With horse-drawn carriages and wagon rides, this Christmas is something you will cherish for years to come. 


You can also celebrate Christmas at the Winter Wassail Weekend in Woodstock, another unique experience for people who become a part of it for the first time. The annual Wassail Christmas Parade and the Victorian Christmas Village are the highlights of the Christmas celebrations in Woodstock. 


Another winter festival is the Stowe Winter Carnival, which hosts multiple winter activities for kids and adults, with ice carving, snow volleyball tournaments, and other parties and celebrations. 


Come February; you will see two more amazing festivals in the state - Winter Festival And the Great Ice. You can enjoy snow sculptures, street parties, and church street light walks at the Winter Festival. You can enjoy smooth ice walking and skating on a mile-long stretch, biking, dog sled rides, and ice golf. 


In March, Vermont sees a Magic Hat Mardi Gras party celebrated just like the one in New Orleans with impressive fireworks, giant parades, the best food and drinks, all in a family-friendly way. 


Things to do in Vermont 



Skiing and snowboarding


Skiing and snowboarding are two of the most popular sports in Vermont. There are multiple areas where participants can try out these activities, especially in the Green Mountains. Beginners also get a chance to take lessons for skiing and snowboarding. They also get an opportunity to rent out their equipment, and first-timers also have the chance to enjoy bunny trails simultaneously! 


Stowe is a popular destination to ski and snowboard in Vermont, just 116 trails long east of Burlington. 


Lake Champlain, Burlington, and Stowe Area


Located in the north of Vermont, Lake Champlain shares borders with both Vermont and New York. Both residents and tourists enjoy looking for Champ, the folklore monster in the lake. They can also try other outdoor activities around the lake, such as ice fishing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, etc. In Stowe, east of Burlington, tourists love to enjoy cross-country skiing at some of the best ski resorts in Vermont. 


Covid-19 Travel Restrictions and Guidelines for Vermont


Vermont does not have any implemented state traveling restrictions as of August 2021. Federal rules apply here in Vermont, such as getting tested for international travelers before entering or wearing face masks when riding on public transportation. 


The CDC recommendation for Covid-19 is to delay traveling altogether, if not essential until you are fully vaccinated. However, if you are vaccinated and are traveling to Vermont, ensure you carry a copy of your Covid-19 vaccination card. 


Final Words

No matter what time of the year you visit Vermont, it will always be there to welcome you with open arms. The state is like an old farmhouse locked in the modern, technologically sophisticated time, still attracting people through the state's historic exterior. 


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