Top Travel Guides Share The 60 Best Tips For New Travelers

Author: Megha Agarwal on Nov 26,2021

There is something extraordinary about traveling. Top travel guides explain this beautiful phenomenon as being free, totally away from all the problems in your life, leaving everything behind, and just “rebooting” your internal system until you are ready again to come back to reality. But what if you do not do the “rebooting,” right? What if you create a blunder? If this is your first time traveling alone, fret not! We have it all covered. Here are the best travel tips for new travelers by our top travel guides! 


When you are just fresh off an airplane, on your first-ever traveling adventure, there is so much you would want to know about the big wide world, standing ahead of you, just waiting to be unraveled. 


There is a lot you can know about traveling, even though you think you have read all the top travel guides in the world. This world is definitely not a tiny place, contrary to popular belief. 


Not knowing the right things or even reading the wrong things in some of the top travel guides or other online sources can be dangerous. It can often lead to people committing crimes and other cultural faux pas. It might also mean that the mindset you are traveling with is not open to adapting to new experiences and being free-spirited. 


To make your journey of growth and discovery during your vacations easier, we have curated a list of 60 travel tips for new travelers laid down by top travel guides. 


Make a note of these top travel guides’ tips; you will need them throughout your learning process! 


1. Do not expect things to be the same as they are at home. They are going to be extremely different. Lesson 1 - Learn to adjust and adapt. 

2. Travel with your eyes and mind wide open. 

3. Do not judge, ever! If someone says something you do not believe in, always respond with, “That’s interesting. Tell me more?”

4. Be open to adapting to and learning more things than you know. 

5. Learn the fundamental words of the local language spoken in the destination you are traveling to. Use these words often. It is the best way to show gratitude and respect and to break down cultural barriers. 

6. Travel étiquettes and manners are universal. Respect and oblige them. In fact, learn about them from some of the top travel guides before you embark on your journey.

7. Never shout at anyone. People might not understand what you are trying to say, so try explaining in a better manner.

8. Do not complain about other people not speaking the same language as you in the new destination you are visiting. Remember where you are! 

9. Whenever shopping, always bargain. It is an integral part of any transaction. 

10. There is nothing more stressful than missing your flight. Leave for your airports in time, with a good buffer! 

11. Do not bargain in excess. Fifty cents might be nothing for you, but it could mean a day’s worth of livelihood to someone else. 

12. Always respect the local customs. It is not all about you; you are just a visitor to the destination. 

13. Top travel guides suggest you party as much as you want to! Have fun, loads of it. But do not trash the destination or destroy its natural beauty. 

14. Leave a good impression of your culture in different countries you visit. 

15. Learn to love taking an off-beaten adventure and enjoy traveling to different touristy countries at the same time. 

16. Travel in style, always aligning with your values. 

17. Do not be bothered by others’ opinions anywhere in the world. Respect them but do not be disrespected at the same time. Do what suits your likes and interests. 

18. Start traveling while you are young. You will get to see so many places like this. 

19. Do not ever listen to people who are always there to stab at and steal your dreams. Nobody tells you how to live your life and follow your traveling dreams. 

20. Eat as much street food as you can. It will not kill you. You will get to know the authentic taste of the destinations. 

21. Try out local dishes. Ditch the McDonald’s diets. 

22. It is entirely normal to feel uncomfortable at some points. This is how you will grow. 

23. Be as flexible as you can when it comes to traveling. You can adapt easily. 

24. Ask for help as and when you need it. Do not hesitate to use signs or the best game ever - charades, even when others cannot understand you! 

25. Carry flashcards around with some important words and phrases written on them in the region’s local language. It is vital for vegetarians traveling to China. You can find such words and phrases from the top travel guides available across the internet. 

26. Do not be afraid to say no. Do it respectfully, though! 

27. Talk to locals. Be friendly and open. You will get to learn a lot. 

28. Go as much local as you can, food, transportation, accommodations, etc. 

29. Smile as much as you can! It can go a long way. 

30. Do something during your traveling days, something that scares you. You will face your fears, push your comfort zone further with each destination. 

31. Share a laugh or a lunch with other like-minded people or travelers. It will help you make new friends or connections. 

32. Celebrate all local customs and traditions with the locals in an authentic way. 

33. Learn more about other religions and cultures. You might not believe the same, but you will learn to diversify your thinking and broaden your horizon. It might as well shed some new light on your beliefs too. 

34. Do not rely on technology for everything in the new destination. You might end up getting lost when your network crashes. 

35. Don’t be afraid to take each day as it comes, with flexible and limited plans. 

36. Guard your passport and visa documents with your life. Top travel guides’ stats tell us that these are often the first things that travelers can misplace. 

37. If you get robbed, god forbid, since bad things can happen to anyone, anywhere, do not get hung up on it! As long as you are safe, let it all go. Of course, report the crime, but then enjoy the rest of your vacation. 

38. Learn how to squat on a toilet. You might need it. 

39. Do not be afraid to blow your entire travel budget. Some things might be just a once-in-a-lifetime experience. 

40. If you really dislike something or something that is challenging your personal beliefs, change the path. Do something new. 

41. Be prepared to have a reverse cultural shock when you get back home. 

42. Carry some toilet paper with you. 

43. Ensure you know your destination’s visa requirements before you embark on your journey. 

44. Monsoons are the best season to travel at times. It will not rain the entire day, contrary to popular belief. The places will be cheap and less touristy.

45. Make digital copies of your visa documents and your passport, and an ID before you leave. Always also have a hard copy of the same with you. 

46. Pack half as many travel essentials as you think you will require. 

47. Go to places that are not mentioned in your typical top travel guides. 

48. A little planning can go a long way. However, overplanning your traveling and your itinerary can set you up for disappointments. 

49. Go with the flow. Live a little every day! 

50. Invest in high-quality travel luggage before leaving for the destination.

51. Get travel insurance. It might not sound spectacular and glamorous, but neither does spending thousands of dollars because you lost something. As per top travel guides, most travelers do not invest in the right travel insurance and end up regretting it later. 

52. Earplugs can be one of the best investments you can make, even when you are a heavy sleeper. 

53. Everyone can get food poisoning at least once during their travels. 

54. Take at least two debit or credit cards with you. 

55. Get an international driving license. You never know where you might have to use it. 

56.. Sign up for a debit or credit card that does not charge an extra foreign transaction fee. 

57. Always have some cash hidden as a backup in cases of emergencies. 

58. Drink to enjoy and have fun. Do not drink to be drunk and mess around. Know your drinking limits. 

59. Pack a few extra medical supplies. Pack your medicines, extra hand sanitizers, face masks, and other safety essentials. 

60. If vaccinated against Covid-19, top travel guides suggest you always carry proof of your vaccinations. Carry that little card or at least a copy of the same. 


Final Words:

So, there you have it! The 60 crucial golden tips for new travelers by top travel guides. Bookmark it, share it with your friends, family, and acquaintances. It might help you or them at some point. 


Happy vacationing to you! 

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