Australia Travel Guide To Pick Best Hotels and Restaurants

Australia is a land of enormous tourist attractions that sprawl all over the continent. Apart from the beaches, Sanctuaries, historical spots, and beautiful landscapes, the food choices, and the hotels also enchant the travelers as much as the spots. They come with a lot of aesthetics and cultural displays that exhibit the continent’s richness and exuberance. The ambiance is undoubtedly the best, and it complements the infrastructures and the quality of the food to the maximum. Visitors to Australia would enjoy the barrage of tourist attractions and would also treat themselves to ample choices of restaurants, and rich hotel accommodations while they are dwelling on the vacation.


This line perfectly fits this continent down under which fills the tourists with all the lavish comforts and perfect ambiance. However, traveling to Australia requires you to commute to a lot of cities and beautiful places as attractions are pervaded throughout the country. Having so many options to travel and settle for visits, resorting to restaurants and hotel stays in each city will come with lots of confusion. All the important cities of Australia are filled with exotic hotels and restaurants, few of them feel like being in a palace. Most of them come with special and extraordinary infrastructures surpassing one another and exhibiting richness at its best.


Australia Travel Guide to Pick Restaurants and Hotels:


A guide that spills the beans on the best restaurants and hotels around Australia would lead travelers with ideas that suit their preferences. Having a lot of options is a good problem to have than having nothing around. However, a direction to guide and walk you through all the best options relieves the trouble of roaming around the streets to find the best one. First, we will dig into the best hotel stays that offer extraordinary comforts, and slowly deviate into getting to know the best and lavish restaurants that fit for leisure travel packages.


Hotels and Indoor Restaurants:


1. Emirates Wolgan Valley: New South Wales



This is one of the exclusive resorts that is listed in Australia Travel Guide which stuffs tourists with luxury and infrastructures. It is situated amid National Park and the premise itself serves as a tourist attraction that overlooks the greens and woods that border this beautiful landmark. It is an ultra-luxury hotel cum resort that facilitates the tourists with in-room pools, spa treatments, visit packages, and exquisite restaurants and bars to fulfill all needs of the guests. It is accessible from Sydney and the views on the driveway are exalting with pillars of sandstones and sedimentary rocks pervading the Wollemi plains.


One exclusive highlight: This resort is also an exclusive habitat to Kangaroos, Wombats, and horses, and guests spot the sight of this incredible wildlife from the altar and balcony of their rooms as they wander around.


2. Saffire Freycinet: Tasmania



Travelers latch on to this resort if they aspire to relax and laze out with a Peninsula view to blow off their pressures of routine life. The restaurants of this spot are also a highlight that requires attention from the tourists. As the view scores to be spectacular, with all the mountain ways, and the Peninsula shores, there is no other place that can be as enchanting as this to enjoy your stay. One of the must-visit spots that every Australia Travel Guide recommends for a stay is none other than this exclusive hotel.


One exclusive highlight: It is one of the secluded spots which stays away from the bustling city and offers calmness to extremes. Hikers and campers who take their slot in Freycinet ranges come here, as they get to enjoy their adventures very close to their accommodations.


3. Southern Ocean Lodge Hotel: South Australia



This lodge hotel which is housed on the shores of Hansom Bay is a classic choice for tourists to rent a stay while on leisure vacation packages. Australia Travel Guide insists the travelers visit Kangaroo Island where this amazing resort is placed. The services include all comforts that deem necessary for the requirements of the guests including recreational spots. The whole lodge is designed to be too elegant and gives away the beauty of the island. This is one of the exclusive getaway points of Australia travel guides which also caters to the stay needs of the tourists. It tops the ocean and the ocean view in the suites is an add-on for this premier hotel. One of the tranquil spots that relax and de-stresses the mind of the travelers who seek solace from the buzzing countryside can take refuge here until their leisure vacation elapses.


One exclusive highlight: There are ferry and flight services available directly to this spot. There are direct shuttle services that serve travelers directly from the airport to this place.


4. Longitude 131: Uluru



Everything about this hotel screams luxury. It is a five-star dune that has been a famous high-class stay for tourists. It is perched on the top hills, and the view is enchanting as you visualize the exotic Uluru city from the deck of your suites. An antiquated rock of 600 million years ago is pillared across this premise which is up for the view of all tourists. The facilities can surpass any other restaurant for a five-star tag just exhibits itself while you take a stay here. One of the exclusive tips from the Australia Travel Guide for enjoying exuberance is to rest and relax in this hotel as you serve your vacation time.


One exclusive highlight: The sunrise and sunset is a breath-taking sight in this hotel as it radiates an unmissable beauty. The dining restaurant which offers incessant views from this spot is provided as a complimentary for all guests.


Pro tip: All the boutique hotels in Australia offer comfortable and leisurely stays for travelers with ample facilities. They all come in different varieties and are branched across the country.


Exclusive Restaurants:


All the restaurants according to the Australia Travel Guide in this continent serve authentic food which tantalise your taste buds. The varieties include every country’s special and people who want to binge on the local food have ample choices.


1. Bennelong: Opera House Sydney



The restaurant is a vista in itself and the premise is breath-taking in all sense. As per most of the Australia Travel guide, this restaurant is a slideshow of architecture and scenic spots. The cuisine choice is spectacular, and you are served with exceptional varieties from across the world. The ambiance is perfect and Australia Travel Guide suggests this restaurant as a striking cultural hub that caters to the food choices of travelers.


One highlight: It is an Opera house restaurant and art shows displayed can support your dining ventures to the maximum.


2. Whiskey and Gin Distillers: Tasmania



As Australia Travel Guide recommends you to resort to any restaurants, the pint of your choice also is an abundantly available option. The distilled whiskey you get in this place is a blessing in all sense. This is branched in Perth and NSW, considered one of the authentic providers of distilled whiskey and gin. The bush tomatoes and pepper berries water down your mouth forever.


One highlight: This is situated amid islands and it is a hub for craft-making art galleries.


3. Penfolds Magill Estate and Wagyu Beef:



Penfolds Estate in Adelaide is the perfect spot for excellent wines. The authenticity of these wines exceeds the expectations of the tourists, and they treat themselves to this pioneered drink like a holy ritual in this place.


One highlight: It is designed in the form of a cellar look that dramatizes the ambiance with its theatrical feeling.


Another major restaurant that is invariably listed in the Australia Travel Guide is the Wagyu Beef restaurant which surpasses the service of steaks better than Japan. It is melted and buttered like small droplets of heaven soothing your taste buds to ecstasy.


One highlight: The red wines here are top class and outranks the British wines any day.

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