Explore The Best of “Asia Continent" Through Asia Travel Guide

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Mar 16,2021

Asia is a diverse continent that allows you to explore the significance of heterogeneity because Asian culture is not homogeneous as people living in Asia come from different communities. The continent of Asia is a land of cultures, this continent is increasingly becoming a big tech-world. Traveling to Asia is not a new trend but centuries ago people from the western world used to explore this region where old, and new can be found together. Asia continent is a budget-friendly destination for long or short trips. Your pocket will not get any financial burden if you choose any Asian tourism spot on our Asian travel guide that will explain all the important points about Asian tourism.


Going through this Asia travel guide, you will know about the best places to visit in the continent of Asia. Here we go.


8 most popular locations for tourism in the Asia continent:





On the Asia travel guide, the most preferred and liked Asian country is India that is visited by millions of tourists from different countries. India, the land of many religions, cultures, sects, lifestyles, cuisines has always been a fascination for the world. From the earlier centuries to the contemporary era, India has been visited by multifarious communities. India is a country of rivers, lakes, hills, forests, plains, deserts, and beaches. India is on the top of the list of Asian destinations in ‘Asian travel guide’. The country of Rajput kings, saints, and yogis, gods, and lords welcomes you with open arms because guests are like gods in India. From Kashmir to Kanyakumari, India is worth visiting. You can visit the most beautiful structures, include Rajputana palaces and forts, ancient Hindu temples, Buddhist shrines, the buildings made by Mughal invaders. Every state of India provides you with its tasty local cuisine and culture. Accommodations are available at a reasonable price. Welcome to India.





Secondly, the Asia travel guide explains Japan as a tourism destination in the continent of Asia. Japan is a traditional country, and the land of Japan is known for its natural beauty. Pristine waters of Japan and marine life here fascinate you towards their purity and beauty. Japanese pagodas are Buddhist temples that are popular for their earthquake-resilient structures. They are the models for skyscrapers around the world. When it comes to Japanese manners and moral values, Japanese people are highly likely to give you a lot of respect by showing their loving gestures, and expressions. Japanese cuisine is tremendous because of its unique taste. 


Most of the Japanese dishes are made of fish and other seafood. Sushi is the most popular dish in Japan. You can also taste smoked fish and fish chips in Japan, which are made by using traditional methods of smoking. Japan has many tourist destinations such as Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Osaka, and many others. According to the Asia travel guide, Japan is a budget-friendly Asian destination. Don’t forget to book your tickets for Japan.





Another Asian destination for tourism is Thailand. This country is significantly famous only for its tourism spots. Asia travel guide takes you into the world of Thailand. If you have plans for a short trip, Thailand is the best option because many packages are available for this destination. Many locations in Thailand include Phuket, Bangkok, Railay Beach, Ayutthaya, and so on. Thai food has many options from vegetarian to non-vegetarian. Beautiful Thailand Beaches are another destination for exploration. Since Thailand is not a very expensive destination, family trips are also very affordable in Thailand. Many different flowers and plants native to Thailand include Krachao, Bat Flower, Hibiscus, Lotus, Frangipani, Ratchaphruek, etc.





China is worth visiting if you are planning to visit Asia. Like India, China is also the land of many landscapes like deserts, hills, plains, springs, rivers, and valleys. If you are a food lover, China is the best place for you to visit to enjoy different varieties of dishes in China. Chinese meat dishes are extremely popular. Asia travel guide tells you about the Chinese locations such as Macau, Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, etc. China is getting popular as a tourism giant as this country provides you many affordable tourism spots. Chinese tourism spots are known for their cleanliness and having been equipped with high-tech facilities. 





Another Asian travel spot on the list of Asia travel guides is Mongolia. Mongolia is located in Southeast Asia. If you are planning to visit Asia, don’t miss being welcomed in Mongolia. Mongolian airlines come with several cheap prices and high-quality flights that give you a great relief to reach Mongolia. If we talk about Mongolia’s travel spots, they include the Gobi Desert that is famous for its dinosaur fossils. This fact increases the value of Mongolia. Mongolian food mostly includes seafood. Asia travel guides highly suggest this beautiful travel spot.





Asia travel guide further takes you towards Sri Lanka that is a wonderful destination especially famous for its temples and its natural beauty. Top-rated destinations in Sri Lanka are Dambulla, Temple of the sacred tooth relic, Ruwanwelisaya, Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi, and so on. Sri Lanka has beautiful lakes where you can find peace of mind. Also, you will be happy to see the lovely and blue beaches of Sri Lanka. Unawatuna and Mirissa beaches are the most preferred beaches of Sri Lanka. Sunrise and sunset at these beaches will attract you to stay for more days in Sri Lanka. So, welcome to Sri Lanka. Follow our Asia travel guide.





On the Asia travel guide, Indonesia is the next tourist spot that is the home of very lovely people. You can enjoy trekking in Indonesia once you reach here. Many companies are providing you travel packages for Indonesia. Come to this wonder of nature as this has a great variety of flora and fauna on the land and in its waters. See volcanic lakes here. Come here in the dry season as you can enjoy some adventurous activities like scuba diving and hiking. If you come here on rainy days that are from October to April, you cannot enjoy it more otherwise your journey will not be too messy. So, when you are going to pack your things for stuff for Indonesia.





When we are discussing Asia travel guides, we cannot forget Singapore. Singapore is getting five stars from travelers from all over the world. Singapore is a big tourism hub as most of the income comes from the tourism industry. This location has its uniqueness that we can see in its huge development in its small area. Singapore has many tourism locations like marina bay, Singapore Botanic Gardens, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore’s Chinatown trishaw night tour, and others. If you are going to visit here next month, please do not forget to check the availability of rooms in hotels to stay in because once space is booked, you may miss the chance to visit the city. Asia travel guide is highly recommending this wonderful travel spot. 


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