Covid-19 U.S. Travel Restrictions To Know

Author: Mansi

The current situation around the world is changing with less or no certainty. The pandemic has not yet subsided and it has raised more questions than ever. The dilemma caused by the pandemic has paused several sectors, thereby pushing the countries to a breaking point. 

One of the major countries which faced severe consequences is the United States. It had to bear huge losses regarding manpower as well as medical resources. Needless to say, travel and tourism were halted to minimize the transmission of the ominous virus. 

But what is the exact situation in the States? After months of lockdown, is it safe to create your dream vacation package? If yes, then which destinations are welcoming tourists? 

The below information will solve all your doubts. 

Who can travel to the United States?


Before placing your vacation package, it is crucial to know which countries' tourists are allowed to enter the U.S. Currently, foreign tourists from and who have visited China, the United Kingdom, Brazil, and the Schengen area during the last fourteen days cannot travel immediately to America. 

To resume tourism, the United States government has decided to change its Covid-19 prevention strategy. The new amendment seeks to ensure the safety of international tourists by focusing on the grassroots level. 

State-wise restrictions to be aware of:


It is to be noted that currently in the U.S, restrictions are enforced by the states respectively. Each state, depending on the virus transmission and requirement, changes and implements lockdowns and other travel advisories. While some states have no restrictions and are allowing vacation packages to include them, other destinations might not welcome tourists anytime sooner.

Here is a list of important tourist destinations in the U.S. and the present travel restrictions if any. 


1. Arizona:



Fortunately, as of now, there are no travel restrictions for tourists traveling to and through Arizona. The tourism department of Arizona in cooperation with its neighboring tribal territories drew up a compliant tourism policy to restart travel operations.

If the Grand Canyon is in your vacation package, then this might be an excellent time to visit it. Since fewer tourists will be there, you can have a pleasant time. The South Rim of the canyon is open excluding the North Route. Although the desert view won't be open, tourists can still enjoy the shuttle bus experience through Hermit Road, and several hiking trails can be enjoyed. 


2. Hawaii:



Hawaii, being the top-notch tourist destination of the United States, reopened finally after about eight months of stringent quarantine. However, tourists will have a tough time entering the island due to travel restrictions.

Travelers need to submit their negating PCR test report which was acquired within 72 hours of departure. If not, tourists will have to undergo a rapid Covid-19 test at the destination. But they are quite expensive. The slots book up immediately as soon as they open since innumerable tourists have already started to visit Hawaii. 

When you finally hit the road twirling beside the vast ocean, you will feel like in paradise. Your vacation package will be worth it! Visit the sassy beaches, tour the volcanoes up there, and drink as much coffee you want in the Kona Coffee Farms. Almost everything is open for tourists, so Hawaii can be a good idea for 2021!


3. New York:



Tourism in New York is resuming gradually. Luckily, tourists do not have to follow the mandatory quarantine if tested negative and proved asymptomatic. 

The Statue of Liberty, a cardinal tourist spot in New York, is open but with limited capacity. Ferry service to the neighboring Ellis Island is also reopened for tourists. Another prime destination is the Empire State Building. It gives a marvelous view of the state. It's open with all preventive measures in place. 


4. Colorado:



Colorado, at present, is in the safe-for-outdoors phase. Hence, tourists can add this destination to their vacation package. The state has no travel restrictions in place now. However, tourists are expected to be compliant with the enforced travel advisory at all costs. 

Mostly, vast outdoor spaces in Colorado are open for tourists. They include Mesa Verde, Rocky Mountain, and Great Sand Dunes National Park, etc.


5. Illinois:



Illinois has no travel restrictions and is welcoming tourists. Masks and social distancing are mandatory. Several places are allowing tourists in less capacity, but are nevertheless working. Tourists can visit Chicago, Galena, Rockford, Grosse Pointe Lighthouse, and innumerable other national parks are open.


6. Nevada:



Nevada is an important destination due to the charming Las Vegas. Currently, all hotels and casinos are operating at 25% capacity. Most of the adult entertainment centers and clubs are closed. Las Vegas, Laughlin, and the Stateline are some cities that are allowing tourists. 

Since Nevada is struggling to cope up with tourism, it's urging travelers to make the best use of regional tourism. Lake Mead, Lake Tahoe, Nevada State Parks, Lamoille Canyon, and several other places are opening gradually. 


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