Europe Vacation Planner: An Interesting 13 Days Tour of Ukraine and Poland

This 13 days tour takes you through the most wonderful parts of Poland and Ukraine! The tour will begin in Krakow, the city of Kings and move further on to the “Paris of Ukraine” – Lviv and finish off in Kyiv – the city of golden domes! This once-in-a-lifetime Europe vacation planner will truly show you the variety of stunning architecture and rich culture this corner of Eastern Europe has to offer its tourists, alongside its captivating history, and friendly locals.

A Brief Look at the Ukraine and Poland Tour

(Day 1-2): Krakow

(Day 3): Sanok

(Day 4-5): Przemysl  

(Day 6-7): Lviv

(Day 8): Chernivtsi

(Day 9-10): Carpathian Mountains

(Day 11): Odesa

(Day 12-13): Kyiv


Places To Visit

Krakow, Sanok, Przemysl, Lviv, Chernivtsi, Carpathian Mountains, Odesa, Kyiv

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1-2: Krakow

Your tour begins in the gorgeous, mythical city of Krakow. As per the legend, Krakow was discovered after the defeat of a man-eating dragon, and its mythical atmosphere still lingers in its scenic streets and squares. Take a stroll through the vibrant market square, Rynek Glowny. Also, pay a visit to the Former Auschwitz Nazi Concentration Camp, and traverse the site’s poignant museum and memorial. Wander through the Wieliczka Salt mines, that reach 135 meters underground and also have chapels inside!


Day 3: Sanok

Today, you’ll be heading through the Polish countryside on the way to Sanok. En route, stop in the tiny town of Krynica Zdroj that is known for its healing mineral waters, and also for being the major hub of Lemko culture. Once you reach Sanok, you’ll get an opportunity to wonder at the classical Lemko architecture. Later, skip over to Slovakia for dinner in the quaint town of Bardejov!


Day 4-5: Przemysl

Today, you’ll spend your day in Przemysl, a city situated right on the border of Ukraine and Poland. Take a stroll in the fabulous mountains and relax at the mountain resort in Arlamow.


Day 6-7: Lviv

Today, you’ll reach Lviv which is considered to be the ‘Paris of Ukraine.’ We assure you that you are going to definitely fall in love with this gorgeous city! Wander the cobblestoned streets, admire the spectacular architecture, visit the Lychakiv cemetery, and also the Lviv Opera House. For all those history-buffs, there is also the option of a day trip to the castles of the area.


Day 8: Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi is the capital as well as the heart of the western Bukovyna region. This multicultural city is an extensive mix of rich food, traditional dance rhythms, and is also considered one of the most significant educational and architectural sites of Ukraine. Its splendid University is a medieval, magical collection of buildings and has been marked a UNESCO world heritage site. Get ready to step back in time as you step through its doors.


Day 9-10: Carpathian Mountains

Today, make your way to a traditional village nestled deep in the Carpathian Mountains and experience a lifestyle that has remained unperturbed for centuries. Home to flowing rivers, sweeping green forests, and awe-inspiring waterfalls –it’s hard not to feel at one with nature when soaking in the fresh mountain air. This is the land of the Boykos, Hutsuls, and Lemkos – connect with the local villagers, dance the Arkan (traditional dance) and sample traditional food seated around one table. Relish the open hospitality of these mountain locals, and experience their simple way of life.


Day 11: Odesa

This morning, make your way to Odesa: the Pearl of the Black Sea. This flourishing, cosmopolitan city is a historic Black Sea port, that drew immigrants from all over Europe as a promising place to discover their fortune. These beginnings made the city into one of the most multicultural places in Ukraine – you will feel its distinct vibe as you venture through its extensive streets, splendid buildings, hear its legends of neighborhood criminals, and relish the local seafood and Shabo wine. Witness each and every side of Odessa, from its most iconic places to its hidden, secretive treasures.


Day 12-13: Kyiv

Finish off your tour in the heart of Ukraine: its buzzing, lively and historic capital, Kyiv! Uncover one of the oldest and most gorgeous cities of Eastern Europe. Explore its quaint squares and boulevards, and also its iconic churches and museums. Visit a traditional Ukrainian Village – an open-air museum that conserves traditions and cultural crafts! You can also extend your visit by taking an optional day trip to the ghost town of Chernobyl.


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