Welcome to Tahiti Islands - 10 Days Amazing Trip

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jul 16,2019

Planning a vacation out in this summer heat to Tahiti Island is the best deal you can pick up. The vast spread islands will mesmerize you in their beauty. The places surrounded by Tahiti Island will give you breathtaking experiences. To make your trip wonderful Tahiti travel agents will take handful care to serve you with the best platter of eye-catching places at Tahiti Island. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to go on an explicit ride to places at the Tahiti tour. 

Trip at a Glance-

Day 1- Step on the beautiful land of Tahiti Island and discover what Tahiti has to deliver you to its best.

Day 2- Visit Arohoho Blowhole, a place that will fascinate you with its Natural Beauty.

Day 3- Have a hiking experience at Mount Orohena.

Day 4- Heaven lies at Water Gardens of Vaipahi.

Day 5- Learn at Tahiti Museums and Her Islands.

Day 6- Enjoying shopping at Papeete Market

Day 7- Pray at Notre- Dame- Cathedral

Day 8- Brace yourself at Bougainville Park

Day 9- Cherish the beauty of pearls at Black Pearl Museum

Day 10- Visit Papeete Inner Island

Trip Highlights-

  • Enter the beautiful land of Tahiti to have a great experience with Tahiti travel agents.

  • Witness the appealing power of Mother Nature at Arohoho Blowhole.

  • Learn mountaineering from the local guides of Tahiti Island on Mount Orohena.

  • Enjoy the wonderful views of water, light and exquisite vegetation at the Water Gardens of Vaipahi.

  • Discover the history of the Tahiti Islands and know more about it at Tahiti Museum and Her Islands.

  • Roam about local markets of Papeete Market and make each penny count by shopping.

  • Bring your mind at peace at religious Notre- Dame- Cathedral.

  • Land at the beautiful paradise of flora at Bougainville Park

  • Catch the unique insight of the pearls at the Black Pearl Museum.

  • A full day jeep safari to Papeete Inner Island is another great spot.

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1- Welcome to Tahiti Island

Start your tour to Tahiti Island by comforting yourself first at the Hotel of Tahiti Island. The Tahiti travel agents will help you to enjoy the services of the best hotels in the Tahiti Islands at a lower cost. You will be served by the Tahiti travel agents with the exotic hotels that will provide you various facilities like Oil Massage, Wi-fi facility, Air-conditioned rooms, hot bath and much more. 

Some famous hotels at Tahiti Islands are Villa Mitirapa, Inter-continental Tahiti resort, and spa, Tahiti Pearl beach resort, etc. The Tahiti travel agents provide you with a better guide to the various islands at Tahiti. Some well-known and must visit islands at Tahiti are Huahine, Tikehau, Taha'a, Raiatea, etc This one Tahiti Island will give you a ride to classy islands at its place. So, with the help of Tahiti travel agents, you will be able to have the best Tahiti tour.

Day 2- Visit Arohoho Blowhole

Arohoho Blowhole is formed by liquid lava that flows under cold and hard lava, it will take you 40 minutes to reach Arohoho Blowhole from east of Papeete as it is located on North coast of Tahiti Island. You can reach the Arohoho Blowhole by tour buses.

Arohoho Blowhole is the most visited natural beauty sites by the tourists in the Tahiti Islands. The Arohoho Blowhole offers you the facility of parking, gift shop as well as restrooms. At Arohoho Blowhole you get a blissful opportunity to have photos when the strong waves crash against the shore. Arohoho Blowhole is an eye-catching destination at Tahiti Island.

Day 3- Hike on Mount Orohena

The elevation of Mount Orohena above sea level is 2241 meters. This is the tallest peak of the region with lush greenery and amazing waterfalls. This is an extinct volcano. Camping is another way to explore this beautiful mountain and its greenery. Rest under the starry night with a bonfire with friends and family, will take all your stress out. There is more to visit on this Tahiti tour.

Day 4- Discover the Heaven of Peace

Have a pleasant walk in the natural treasure of the vegetation of 75 different flora species planted near the basin and waterfalls. This mystical garden is a must place to visit for and take your camera with you to capture the magical views of this garden; otherwise, you'll regret it afterward. This garden includes archaeological artifacts and legendary traditions. Discover the history of the garden with the locals of Tahiti. Don't forget to visit the surprising sites of the water gardens. Take a cold bath under the waterfalls to take your stress out. 

Day 5- Reach out to Tahiti Museums and Her Islands

The history of the Tahiti Islands can be well known by visiting it Tahiti Museums and the Islands. Tahiti Museum depicts the vast culture and reign of Tahiti Island. This museum informs the visitors about the magnificent archipelagos. The museum is divided into 4 sections which give a clear view to the tourists about the Tahiti.

Tahiti Museum is 10 miles from south Papette. The Tahiti museum helps us to know about the geography, history, Pre- European culture, natural wonders and much more. 

Day 6- Visit Papeete Market

Let’s continue with this amazing Tahiti tour in the local Papeete market will lay you up in confusion as to what to buy and what not to buy. The Papeete market is situated in the center of the city. The Papeete market is the municipal market of Tahiti Island. 

This is a local market which is always crowded by the locals but this is such a market that will serve you with all the essentials as well as the luxuries. You get vegetables, fruits, souvenirs, handicrafts, food products, farm products here.

Day 7- Pray at Notre- Dame- Cathedral

Tahiti travel agents will definitely take you to Notre- Dame- Cathedral. This is the oldest Catholic Church at Tahiti Island which is well known for the clamshell that holds the Holy Water.

Notre-Dame-Cathedral is the most visited church here by the locals. This church has stain glass windows which look a combination of both new and old. It is one of the remaining historic sites of Tahiti Island.

Day 8- Visit Bougainville Park

Bougainville Park is an attractive tourist spot where you can have a cool picnic with your family. It is a lush green tranquil, tropical oasis that also has a playground for kids.

Bougainville Park is the well-maintained park that is well equipped with big and lush trees that provide shade to the visitors during the hot hours of the day. 

Day 9- Visit the Black Pearl Museum

This is an old museum that is devoted to pearls. This museum is located at the historic center of Papeete, it is also known as Robert Wan Pearl Museum. This museum has a vast collection of precious pearls which are not easily available in the local markets. This museum can be easily reached using local transport. It’s time to say goodbye to this amazing Tahiti tour.

Day 10- Enjoy at Papeete Inner Island

At Papette inner island you can explore the wide range of flora and fauna. To your best, you can a full day jeep safari to this location and to visit this inner island the jeep driver picks you up from your hotel and drops you there.

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