An Exotic Visit to the Islands of Tahiti

Dreamy landscape, crystal clear water, tropical weather and pristine beaches are what one dreams of, for spending their vacations. Tahiti is the largest island in the heart of French Polynesia and a tempting destination for tourist to explore. It has 118 islands and atolls each featuring distinctly to make Tahiti a paradise of Pacific. Tahiti tour offers ‘n’ number of activities for both passive and active travelers. You can enjoy doing surfing, swimming, diving, hiking and watching various music and dance shows on the island. The beauty of Tahiti Islands is beyond one's imagination for its tall green clothed mountains, unspoilt flora and fauna, black sand beaches and blue water that is making it an ideal tourist spot. The locals of Tahiti believe that the island is blessed with the presence of ‘Mana’ that connects the life with nature. Let’s begin with the journey of this dreamy land with your Tahiti Travel agent.


  1. Go for swimming with playful Dolphins, humpback whales and tropical fishes at Tahiti lagoon Paradise.

  2. Visit Protestant Temple Siloama Paofai, the church having great significance for the locals.

  3. Taste some exotic fruits and shop some souvenirs at Papeete Market.

  4. Watch the musical and dance shows at Maison De La Culture.

  5. Enjoy surfing in the azure water of Plage Lafayette.

  6. Go for an adventurous hiking tour at Mont Orohena.

  7. Enjoy 4x4 safari tour in the dense forest of Papenoo Valley.

  8. Cool yourself in the water of Faarumai Waterfall.


Day 1:  Welcome to Papeete, the bustling capital of French Polynesia and enjoy shopping at the extended market of Papeete.

Day 2: Enjoy the beauty of the black sand beach and blue water of Plage Lafayette then burn some energy on hiking at Mont Orohena.

Day 3: Watch the scenic beauty of waterfalls surrounded by mountains and dense forest at Papenoo Valley. 

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Papeete:

Start your Tahiti tour by checking into a hotel in Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia and get ready for the fun and adventure in Tahiti.  Your Tahiti travel agent will take you to Protestant Temple Siloama Paofai, a beautiful church with great significance for the people of Tahiti. Early in the morning indulge yourself in the peaceful environment and devotional hymns sang by the locals in the white uniform. When it comes to shopping in Tahiti the Municipal Market of Papeete is worth visiting for its fresh and exotic fruits and flowers, exquisite pearls, amazing art pieces, hats and traditional souvenirs. The fragrance is an important aspect of Tahiti culture. Here you will be delighted by the enchanting smell of Monoi oil and vanilla beans and you can take some home for preserving the enchanting memory of Tahiti. Tahiti lagoon paradise is the next stop in your Tahiti tour, where you can meet with dolphins, swim with Humpback whales, snorkel with turtles, rays, tropical reef fishes and can watch beautiful corals in the water.  Then Tahiti travel agent will take you to Place Vai'ete, it has a beautiful view of waterfront park and dozens of roulottes (food van) that offers hot fries, sizzling salts and grilled food to lit up the atmosphere. You will get everything and anything thing from hamburger to crust pizzas and add Nutella and banana waffle. Then end this day by enjoying the cultural performance at Maison De La Culture.  The big theatre of Maison de la culture is the star of the city at night. As well as you can enjoy various cinemas, musical shows and dance shows to entertain yourself with the culture of Tahiti. And finally, come back to your hotel and relax for the next amazing day of the Tahiti tour. 

Day 2: Plage Lafayette:

On the second day, Tahiti travel agent will take you to explore the cool black sand beach and azure water of Plage Lafayette. The beach is not very crowded so you can have fun while playing games on the beach or you can choose to go swimming or surfing in the blue water. The beach is popular for its scenic beauty and calm environment to enjoy a tropical drink while relaxing on the black sand and gazing at the sea waves. After relaxing on the beach it’s time to burn your energy on the hiking tour of Mont Orohena.   It is an extinct volcano that rises 2,241 above the sea level, and the mountain is covered with the green sheet and has the highest peak of French Polynesia which is not visible from the bottom due to clouds. Appreciating the beauty of the mountain in a four by four vehicle would be convenient for you and enjoy the serene beauty of the mountain while capturing some good snaps in your phone to take this memory home. After so much of adventure, your Tahiti travel agent will take you to relax on the black sand beach of Plage de la pointe venus. It is a perfect spot to sit on the cool sand during the twilight and watch the sun setting down or you can go for sailing the boat in the water.  Point Venus Light House dominates the beach as it was an observatory point where Captain Cook uses to examine the planet Venus.  The lighthouse is an iconic landmark in Tahiti for its 32-meter long white structure flanked with red patterns and for its white light shines every 5 seconds from it.

Day 3: Vallee de Papenoo:

On the last day of your Tahiti tour immerse yourself in the fresh water of Papenoo river that flows through the center of Tahiti Nui and forms the beautiful Papenoo Valley. Early in the morning begin with a hiking tour of the tall mountains that surrounds the valley from the east and west side and view the exquisite site from the top of the mountains. Then choose to go on a four by four vehicle on the road that goes along the valley as it will allow you to see most of the valley and its handful waterfalls. Apart from the scenic beauty of the mountains and waterfalls, the valley is rich in flora and fauna. After sweating so much in the morning on hiking and four by four safari dip yourself in the cool water of Papenoo river that flows through the huge waterfalls. As soon as you come out of Papeno valley there is a short way east along the road is Arohoho.  Arohoho blowhole has a beautiful black sand beach and azure water of Tahiti here you can enjoy swimming and laze on the beach. Then finally your Tahiti travel agent will take you to witness the rush of water at Faarumai waterfalls. The falls has the picturesque beauty of water flowing through the black volcanic rocks and cascades into the pool and is surrounded by dense forest, that makes the falls wild. Finally, end this day by enjoying the starry nights with the borne fire and grilled food on the volcanic rock surrounding the waterfalls.

So, this was the three days tour to Tahiti, in which you enjoyed visiting various waterfalls, mountains, valleys, lagoons and few landmarks of Tahiti. Throughout the tour, you have created many memories to take back home and now it's time to say Good Bye to this adventurous tour. 

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