10 Days Tahiti Islands Tour- Paradise in French Polynesia

Tahiti lies in the laps of South Pacific and is the heart of French Polynesia. Tahiti is the largest island on French Polynesia as it possess118 islands and each with a distinct customs and traditions. Tahiti is what one dream of visiting for its gleaming white sand beaches, blue lagoons, beautiful landscapes, green vegetation and tropical climate. Apart from that, it offers you with a mixed experience of tropical adventure and blissful relaxation. Snorkelling, paragliding, sharks and ray tour, hiking, jet ski are some of the activities that you can enjoy doing on the islands of Tahiti. The islands of Tahiti are embraced with the presence of Mana which is a natural power that connects the life force. Tahiti tour will take you away from your stressed life and pour you into the divine beauty of Tahiti Island.


  1. Visit the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral and enjoy exotic fruits and fragrance at Papeete Market.

  2. Enjoy sailing the water at Plage de la Pointe Venus and gaze up at Point Venus Lighthouse.

  3. Go for a hiking adventure at Mount Aorai and Faarumai Waterfall for its panoramic view.

  4. Enjoy a 4x4 tour at Papeeno Valley.

  5. Learn about white and black pearl at the Robert Wan Pearl Museum.

  6. Go for a snorkelling tour in Tahiti Lagoon paradise.

  7. Explore the tropical plants and waterfalls in Water Garden in Vaipahi.


Day 1: Welcome to Papeete city, the capital of Tahiti.

Day 2: Visit the little island Col du Tahara’a.

Day 3: Make your way to Plage de la Pointe Venus.

Day 4: Enjoy hiking at Mount Aorai, the second highest peak of Tahiti.

Day 5: Experience the beautiful view of Faarumai Waterfalls.

Day 6: Enjoy strolling in the garden of Bougainville Park.

Day 7: Discover sea life at Tahiti Lagoon Paradise.

Day 8: Visit the Museum of Tahiti and the Islands.

Day 9: Enjoy at Plage Vaiava and Marai Taatae.

Day 10: Enjoy surfing at Taharuu Beach

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Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

As per the tradition of French Polynesia, your Tahiti Travel agent will greet you with a garland of fresh flowers and blissful Tahitian music at the airport.

Day 1: Papeete Market: Welcome to Papeete, the capital of Tahiti and French Polynesia. Start by checking into the hotel and get ready for the first day of your trip. Start this day by visiting Notre Dame Cathedral, it has beautiful stained glass windows with sculptures that reflect the local culture of Tahiti. After that go for the extended market of Papeete city popularly known as Papeete Market and enjoy being between the locals of Tahiti. The market is full of exotic fruits, art, clothing, pearls, flowers and lot many things. Then come back to the hotel and have some Tahitian cuisine in your dinner and relax in your room for the next amazing day.

Day 2: Col du Tahara’a:  On the second day of your trip visit this Coldu Tahara’a, and see the magnificent view of this little island. The island is not overcrowded and has an exquisite view of the coast and Papeete city with the black sand beach to relax and clear water to enjoy swimming. And then set your eyes on the blissful sunset view of the island and be the one to watch the most exceptional twilight that you have ever seen. 

Day 3: Plage de la Pointe Venus: On the third day of your Tahiti Travel agent will take you to Plag de la Point Venus which has the gleaming black sand beach and enjoy sailing in water. Then gaze up and see the amazing Point Venus Lighthouse which is built on the spot where Captain Cook uses to examine the planet Venus in his observatory. The lighthouse is 32m tall and throws a white light every 5 seconds.

Day 4: Mount Aorai: Aorai is the second highest peak in Tahiti, and has a beautiful rainforest with the wild and scenic view of Tahiti. Here you can enjoy going for a hiking adventure by going through the slipping rocks, thorny bushes and deadly drop to admire the beauty of this mountain from the top. You can also go for a 4x4 tour to witness different angle of the mountain and its beauty.

Day 5: Faarumai waterfall: Faarumai Waterfalls are one the most beautiful hiking trials of Tahiti tour. This place is worth visiting for its panoramic view of waterfalls, natural pool for swimming and archaeologist sites to explore.  Then your Tahiti travel agent will make you go for a 4x4 expedition to see the verticals mountain, tropical plants and enjoy swimming in the natural pool of waterfalls in Papenoo Valley. 

Day 6: Bougainville Park:  Make your way to visit this tropical park that provides you with exotic flora, a historic statue and picturesque view of nature. Stroll through the gardens and admire the colourful plants, tropical trees and a pleasing green landscape. Then go for Robert Wan Pearl Museum, the world only museum that exhibits black and white pearls,here you come across several interesting facts about this rare gem and learn about the process of cultivating the pearl from the sea.

Day 7: Tahiti Lagoon paradise: On the seventh day your Tahiti Travel agent will take you for snorkelling tour at Tahiti Lagoon Paradise to make you feel the presence of Mana in Tahiti. And you can enjoy swimming with whales, dolphins, turtles, tropical reef fishes and discover various coral and wreck areas. And finally, end this day by going for a cruise tour and enjoy the beautiful sunset view with a glass of champagne.

Day 8: Museum of Tahiti and the islands. The museum is good for visitors who want to know about the history, culture, natural heritage of Tahiti and French Polynesia at a single stop.  The Museum Of Tahiti and the Islands exhibit various arts, displays, picture of the beautiful view of the islands. Apart from the exhibits, the Museum has a pretty botanical garden outside to visit and it is along the Black sand beach where you can enjoy relaxing beneath the palm tree or can go for surfing in the waves to burn your energy.

Day 9: Plage Vaiava:  Your Tahiti tour must include a visit to Plage Vaiava, it is a beloved place for locals and tourist. The beach is full of fun-filled activities like snorkelling, swimming, boat paddling or stand up paddle boards and has gleaming white sand and turquoise lagoon. Then go for visiting Marae Taata, an archaeological site which holds three adjoined stone courtyards and has a major fishing district where enjoy the deep fishing experience of Tahiti.

Day 10:   Taharuu Beach:  On the last day of your Tahiti Tour go for visiting Taharuu Beach which has stunning volcano black sand, palm tree and frothy white waves. The beach has a good picturesque view and you can enjoy doing surfing or swimming in the blue water. Make your way to visit Water Garden in Vaipahi, it offers you the peaceful site of the exotic vegetation and winding path that allows you to explore it at your own pace. Tropical plants and waterfalls decorate this tranquil haven and make it attractive for tourist.

Now, the time has come to say Good Bye to this amazing and adventures tour of Tahiti. Your Tahiti travel agent will greet you with a shell necklace and will help you to leave for your home in a comfortable flight.

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