Experience A Legendary Trip To South Pacific Island With This Tour Itinerary

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jan 11,2023

Just when you think of Tahiti, the word paradise may appear in mind. Sure, you know about Bora Bora and the beautiful overwater bungalows that makes it so famous, but theres more to French Polynesia than that.

One of the best ways to spend a Tahitian vacation is to lie back with a tropical cocktail in hand and bask in the sunshine at your resort of choice. However, it doesnt mean you have to be confined to the beaches the whole duration. Although thats totally fine you want to, youd miss out on all the other exciting adventures and things to do.



Marvel at the bizarre yet strikingly familiar moai statues on Easter Island for an insight into an ancient civilization in the Pacific

Explore the rugged cliffs and coastlines of Easter Island on a four-wheel drive tour, embracing the solitude of such a remote land

Sail around the islets of the French Polynesian archipelago, a day in Tahiti bringing you to untouched lagoons and uninhabited beaches

Spend several days lounging on the white sand of Bora Bora, your third island destination and perfect for rest and relaxation

Snorkel coral atolls, kayak or canoe across the lagoons, and take a jeep up the slopes of Mount Otemanu, three activities that inject adventure into your Bora Bora stay

Discover the pristine Cook Islands, staying on Rarotonga, a small volcanic island that has escaped the overdevelopment of tourism for an authentic experience

Touch down on a much larger volcanic island and spend several days in New Zealand, where Maori culture, hobbit holes, and Lord of the Rings filming locations are just a small part of the attraction

Sail the green waters of Lake Taupo and spend your final day on the Tongariro Alpine Crossing, widely regarded as the best day hike on the planet



(Day 1): Easter Island Mystique of the South Pacific

(Day 2): Easter Island The Bizarre Moai Figures of Rapa Nui

(Day 3): Easter Island to Papeete Four-Wheel Drive Adventures Across the Volcanic Island and Flight to Tahiti

(Day 4): Papeete Sailing the French Polynesian Archipelago

(Day 5): Bora Bora Surreal Serenity on the White Sand of Bora Bora

(Day 6): Bora Bora Snorkeling Coral Atolls and Paddling Sapphire Lagoons

(Day 7): Bora Bora A Jeep Up Mount Otemanu and Afternoon on the Beach

(Days 8 9): Rarotonga (Cook Islands) Another Pristine Oasis in the Pacific, Away From the Bustle of Tourism

(Day 10: Auckland Touching Down in New Zealand

(Day 11): Hobbiton to Rotorua Past the Hobbit Holes to the Home of the Maori

(Day 12): Rotorua to Lake Taupo Lord of the Rings Locations and Sailing Green Waters

(Day 13): Lake Taupo Tongariro Crossing: The Worlds Most Spectacular Day Hike

(Day 14): Lake Taupo to Auckland Departure  



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