Embrace the colors of Spain in this 10-Days Spain Tour Itinerary

Locate the permanent soul of Spain on this 10-day visit through the nation's most energetic and celebrated urban communities. Venture into a city that has gathered societies for a considerable length of time. Find staggering shorelines and enormous vitality. Witness a synthetic heaven that neglects the quiet waters of a waterway. Navigate neighborhoods worked by European eminence and witness the resounding greatness of an impressive memorable mosque. From surrealist historical centers to old defenses, there is no closure to the extraordinary glory of Spain's significant urban communities, and the excellent, yet one of a kind, the soul they contain. On this custom Spain visit through Barcelona, Madrid, and Andalucía, you will locate the genuine culture of the nation in the outstanding blend of legacy and history. From mind-blowing houses of prayer to unspeakable mosques, antiquated old quarters to vivacious present day boulevards, you will inundate yourself in the substance of Spain and locate the unlimited pleasure of the inviting individuals, ardent association with history, and the amazing landmarks that remain.

Spain Travel Package Highlights:

  • Explore the impressive engineering of Barcelona, including the observed Church of La Sagrada Familia
  • Delight in the unending lively vitality that swarms through the lanes of Barcelona, a city not at all like some other
  • Enjoy a private voyage through the radiant Imperial Royal residence in Madrid
  • Visit the Teatre-Museu Dali, a historical center committed to the surrealist craftsman in the place where he grew up of Figueres
  • Discover the remarkable history and diverse social past of Toledo
  • Witness the loftiness of La Mezquita, the old amazing mosque of Cordoba
  • Experience the paradisiacal engineering of the Alcazar complex in Seville\


Spain Tour Itinerary at a Glance:

  • Day 1: Welcome to the Magnificent City of Barcelona
  • Day 2, 3 and Day 4: Barcelona – An Entire Day Voyage through Girona and Figures, Visit the Lively World-Class City, Innovator Engineering of Catalan
  • Day 5, 6 and Day 7: Madrid – The Illustrious Royal residence and its Stunning Environment, The Old Habsburg Locale, Multi-Day Voyage through Toledo, Spanish Gothic Style
  • Day 8: Cordoba – Private Strolling Voyage through La Mezquita and the Old Synagogue
  • Day 9: Seville – Find the Old House of prayer and the Moorish Manor
  • Day 10: Seville – Withdraw for Home

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to the Superb City of Barcelona

Welcome to Barcelona, a city that overflows with life. The restricted rear ways rise with vitality and the ocean side is graced with the appeal. The way of life is unfathomable and the engineering borderlines on the legendary. The fragrances of new fish paella with noodles and almond desserts came in pine nuts surpass the aroma of the Mediterranean Ocean. Your private exchange meets you at the air terminal and takes you to your extravagant convenience.


Day 2, 3 and Day 4: Barcelona – An Entire Day Voyage through Girona and Figures, Visit the Lively World-Class City, Pioneer Engineering of Catalan

When you land in Girona you will have a private strolling voyage through the city. The cobblestone avenues are old and enthralling. The well of history achieves a profundity that goes back to the Iberians, who administered the Landmass around the sixth century BC. Your guide takes you through the city and you touch base at the Old Dividers of Girona.

The city rises late toward the beginning of the day and remains up late into the night. Promptly in the first part of the day, the avenues are peaceful, quiet, and void. The water brushes against the shorelines. The sand is fine and brilliant. As the city wakes up you can watch local people run close by the sand or bicycle ride on the twisting pathways close to the water. La Rambla is the most celebrated road of the city and offers you understanding into the way of life explicit to Catalonia. Trees edge the road and the walker street is loaded up with individuals, from craftsmen to pantomimes, customers to cafes. The Plaça de Catalunya is a situated at the focal point of the city and is the point of convergence at which the old city and the nineteenth century Eixample meet.

Contemporary Barcelona has dependably been known for its vast vitality and specific style. After breakfast, you will have a half-day voyage through the city's one of a kind aesthetics that has conveyed popularity to the horizon and exteriors of different neighborhoods. The House of the prayer of la Sagrada Familia was sanctified in 2010. Development started in 1882 and proceeds with today. The house of prayer stays one of Gaudi's most acclaimed works and one of Barcelona's most well-known tourist spots. The gothic church looks like something out of a storybook. The towers ascend to a stature of 560 feet. Three thousand veneers beautify the congregation, including the Nativity façade situated on the eastern side.


Day 5, 6 and Day 7: Madrid – The Illustrious Castle and its Ravishing Environment, The Old Habsburg Region, Multi-Day Voyage through Toledo, Spanish Gothic Style

In the first part of the day, you set off for Madrid and wind up in the capital of Spain. The city is loaded up with soul and a closeness that takes after quite a bit of Spain. Exhibition halls hang Picassos and the squares and roads are loaded up with families and sweethearts, blooms and seats, consolidating into the exquisite wall painting of the cityscape. The Palacio Genuine is the biggest royal residence in Europe, incorporating 1,450,000 square feet and containing more than 2,800 rooms. The royal residence in its current shape was worked in the eighteenth century; be that as it may, it sits on the first royal residence complex that goes back to the sixteenth century.

The old focus of Madrid is known as the Casa de Austria, due to its association with the Habsburg Tradition of the sixteenth century. Square Civic chairman can at present be viewed as the core of the city's dynamic life, joining the exemplary engineering with the dramatization of Spain's enthusiastic past. The encompassing private building contains 237 galleries that disregard the square. The ground level comprises of a corridor designed with curves and loaded up with vivacious eateries and shops. A bronze statue of Ruler Philip III sits in the square's middle.


Day 8: Cordoba – Private Strolling Voyage through La Mezquita and the Old Synagogue

Cordoba has assembled its cutting-edge city around the brilliant design of its past. The Arabic impacts of the Medieval times presently finish the city like work of art instead of structures still being used, from homes to government structures. Huge numbers of the brilliant structures ascend close to the Guadalquivir Waterway and twist around limited avenues close to the Mezquita. The extraordinary mosque of the city nearly sparkles with sumptuous adornment and a refinement that has accompanied the hundreds of years. The city was advanced with differing societies that add to the extravagant idea of the working amid its development in the eighth century. It was changed over into a Roman Catholic Church around the sixteenth century.


Day 9: Seville – Find the Old Church building and the Moorish Mansion

Seville is a city of colorfulness and magnetism, continually clamoring with charming music and bursting at the seams with similarly appealing cooking. A private strolling voyage through the city conveys you to the well known Alcazar, an imperial royal residence called a standout amongst the most wonderful in all of Spain. The royal residence was worked in the 1300s and remains the official living arrangement of the Spanish regal family when in Seville. Puerta del León contains a nineteenth-century tile-work enhancing the open entryway. The lion holds a cross in its hooks and bears gothic composition. Once inside the wonderful complex you will go to the Palacio de Wear Pedro, a noteworthy work of engineering frequently alluded to as the Mudéjar Castle.


Day 10: Seville – Leave for Home

You will have a private exchange to the air terminal, however, for the time being, you can walk around the city and appreciate the serene daylight along the gleaming stones of the city's distinguished past. Get-aways in Spain are always remembered, and you will have numerous recollections to treasure on your flight home.

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