How to spend vacation in Fiji Islands? - 2019 Fiji Tour Guide

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Jun 25,2019

The beauty of Fiji is beyond one’s thoughts. Pristine beaches, beautiful landscape, tropical rainforest, azure water, friendly people and a lot more make Fiji an idyll place for tourist. Fiji is a group of 330 islands graced by Fijians hospitality and each featuring distinctly. The bright sunlight and rainfall make the climate pleasant for exploring the island. It is a perfect tourist destination for visitors who are in search of inclusive resorts, beautiful scenery and tropical getaway. Snorkelling, diving, kayaking, zip-line are some of the activities that you can enjoy doing in Fiji. In addition to that, it offers you various massages, spas to relax and a wide range of cultural activities that are some of the highlights of Fiji tour. 


  1. Enjoy hiking at traditional mountain villages in Viti Levu.

  2. Enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean while sitting on the beach at Coral Coast.

  3. Have fun at Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool

  4. Immerse yourself in the beauty of gorges Asian orchids at the Garden of Sleeping Giant.

  5. Enjoy snorkeling in the azure water of South Pacific at Castaway Island.

  6. Watch Fiji’s best knife and fire dancers show in Robinson  Crusoe Island.

  7. Experience the thrilling rides at Kula Wild Adventure Park.


Day1: Start by exploring Viti Levu – Fiji’s largest island, 

Day2: Hop a ferry to Castaway  Island-   A private island with the four-star resort in Mamanucas islands group.

Day3:  Unveil the famous story behind the Robinson Crusoe Island and explore the wildlife of Fiji at Kula wild adventure park.



Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Bula (hello) and welcome to the Fiji Island, Fiji travel agent will escort you at the airport and will ensure a comfortable and luxurious tour of Fiji.


On the first day of your tour, Fiji Travel agent will take you to Viti Levu which is  Fiji’s largest island and an international getaway.  The island will give a perfect start to your Fiji tour.  Enjoy going for a zip-line through the pristine rainforest then go for hiking trials in the traditional mountain villages to admire the exquisite view of the island from the top or you can choose to go for kayaking or rafting in the fresh water of Navua river.  Coral  Coast is one of the popular holiday destinations, located in the southern part of the island. In your Fiji tour, there is nothing better than sitting on the white sand beaches with a tropical drink in your hand and looking at the oceans as the waves break on the coral reefs. Apart from the beautiful view, you can have fun by adding various water sport activities like diving, surfing, swimming and many more on the Coral Coast. After having so much fun in the water it’s time to pamper yourself at Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pool. Firstly cake yourself from the mud from head to the toe and soak it under the sun and then wash off the mud by transferring yourself in four different temperate pools. This place is well known not only for its mud and hot spring therapy but also for the relaxing massage they offer.  Then relax in a comfortable room in a nearby resort for your next exciting day.


On the next day of your Fiji tour get up early and be ready for visiting the exquisite Garden of Sleeping Giant. The garden is covered with more than 2000 varieties of beautiful Asian orchids and Cattleya hybrids. It is a perfect place to immerse you in the beauty and pleasing fragrance of the colorful flowers and you can wander along the shaded wooden path of the garden, through beautifully landscaped lawns, across the pleasing lily ponds with crackling frogs and finally gazing at the charming orchids. Your visit to this garden must include a brief history from the guide that how this garden full of fantasies emerged from a mountain valley. Alluring floral garden is not only the attraction of this site but also the tropical rainforest invites you to see the base of the Sleeping Giant where you can walk barefoot along the carpet of the manicured lawns.  Enjoy the cool and refreshing fruit drink that awaits you in the end. After exploring so many species of orchids and other flowers in the garden it’s time to have fun at Castaway Island. Tourist love this island for being greeted with mesmerizing songs, generous smile and warm welcome. Castaway Island is a four-star resort and private island in the heart of Mamanuca Islands group along with that it is rich in the tropical rain forest with white sand beaches surrounded by crystal clear water of south pacific that treasures the vibrant coral reef. Your Fiji tour is incomplete without snorkeling in the azure water of South Pacific to experience the life beneath the water surface and colorful coral reefs. Then come out of the water and bask on the beautiful white sand beaches and have some Fiji cuisine in your meal. Moreover, you can participate in competitions like boat making, spoon diving and at night enjoy the borne fire and storytelling on the beach. Finally, come back to your bure (Fijians style thatches roofs bungalows) and relax for the next day of your Fiji tour.


On the last day of your trip Fiji travel agent will take you to Robinson Crusoe Island to unveil the famous story behind the island. The island is characterized by attractive mountains, pristine flora and fauna, gleaming beaches, vibrant reefs and azure water of south pacific. Upon the arrival to the island, you will be welcomed with fresh coconut scones and tea accompanied with generous smiles of the Robinson crew. Your Fiji travel agent will take you for a 30 minutes water jungle cruise tour of the island. Then experience the traditional Fijian's culture by taking part in a wide range of cultural activities they conduct, your cultural tour will start with weaving, carving, pottery making or coconut tree climbing demonstration and watch the making of food in lovo ( earth oven). Before your lunch is served you will be entertained with ‘fire walking demonstrations' and enjoy seeing your lunch being taken out from the earth oven – lovo and served in buffet style with garden salad, local root crop veggies and some fresh seafood. While having lunch they will entertain you with Fiji's best knife and fire dancers showing the talent of Fiji. Then include massage therapy to relax your body or if you want to burn some more energy then go for snorkeling, kayaking or swimming in the azure water that surrounds the island.  Then finally Fiji travel agent will take you to the last spot of your trip- Kula wild adventure park featuring the wildlife of Fiji island. In addition to that, there is a range of thrilling rides that gives you a panoramic view of the park. Or you could simply enjoy walking on the wooden tracks to watch different birds like Collared lory- the national bird of Fiji, or different types of parrots and animals like giant turtles, snakes and look at the aquarium full of tropical fishes and soft corals.

This three days tour was full of adventure and fun moreover you learned a lot about Fijians, their culture, way of living and the reason behind why they are so happy people on this earth. Fiji has a lot more to explore inside these were only a glimpse of Fiji’s beauty.

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