Best Way to Travel Europe as a Couple: Uncover The Mystics of Slovenia

Author: Priyanka Saxena on Jan 03,2019

Slovenia is one country which is stunning everywhere with green hills or picturesque mountains and plenty of trees. However, there are certain regions which are more touristic as compared to others. In this Slovenia tour itinerary, we have covered all these Slovenia attractions which are going to make you feel like in wonderland! So, get on this tour with your partner and enjoy the best way to travel Europe as a couple.

A Brief Look at the Slovenia Tour

(Day 1): The Postojna Caves

(Day 2-3): Exploring Ljubljana

(Day 4-5): Visit to Lake Bled  

(Day 6): A Day Trip to Škofja Loka

(Day 7): Day Trip to Kamnik and Velika Planina

Places To Visit

Postojna Caves, Ljubljana, Lake Bled, Škofja Loka, Kamnik, Velika Planina


Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: The Postojna Caves

Your first stop of Slovenia journey is going to be the karst caves at Postojna, which is Slovenia’s biggest underground attraction as well as the largest underground caves in Europe. The world's most fascinating cave with splendid cave formations and diverse fauna. Embark on an unforgettable ride on Postojna Cave's underground train and experience a captivating subterranean paradise which is shaped by tiny droplets over millions of years.

Postojna, apparently has an endless network of passages, chambers, galleries, and chambers all exhibiting various crystals – from spaghetti formations to chandeliers, paper-thin sheets to huge, thick columned stalagmites.

Postojna Cave is perhaps the only place where you can witness the most valuable brilliant in the form of a cave formation and also get to meet the baby dragons. Just like the world above the surface, Postojna Cave possesses murmuring rivers, towering mountains, and wide subterranean halls. It is truly a real challenge for all the explorers and the cradle of speleobiology.

Chose to take the underground, which is specially designed cave train having electric lighting to fully view the geological caves. You can also wander across it, however, the underground system is far bigger as compared to what the entrance would make you believe. After the day trip, head onward to Ljubljana and Lake Bled.

Days 2-3: Exploring Ljubljana

The capital city of Slovenia, Ljubljana is famous for its university population and green spaces. The zigzag Ljubljanica River flows throughout the heart of the city and as car traffic is confined to the city center, cyclists and pedestrians roam freely throughout the city. Ljubljana has such an amazing vibe, especially during the summers, when cafes set up terrace seating all along the river.

A lot of Ljubljana’s architecture has pastel shades and there are plenty of open-air fruit markets with flowers, treats for sale and cured meats, beautiful bridges and wide public parks for reading.


Things to do in Ljubljana:

  • Spend a relaxing afternoon at a café, try some delicious pastries and observe people over the open squares

  • Embark on the funicular up to Ljubljana Castle for a splendid view over the city

  • Explore the Old Town, visit some of the city’s outstanding museums and galleries and cycle or stroll through Park Tivoli

  • A large, active student population provides the city active nightlife. Make sure to check out the bars and clubs!

  • Immerse yourself in the artful Ljubljana Cathedral - Ljubljana Cathedral is also worth a visit when touring the Old Town. As magnificent as the classical Central European church towers and domes are, the biggest attractions of Ljubljana Cathedral are inside, and not its out. Enter through the sculpted bronze doors and wonder at the outstanding 18th-century Baroque frescoes and at the gilded details.

Days 4-5: Visit to Lake Bled

Lake Bled is a wonderful part of Slovenia and no wonder it’s the country’s most iconic tourist attraction. A crystal clear blue lake with Alpine peaks in the backdrop, a small island and an impossibly pretty church having a fairytale past – can it get any more dramatic?


Things to do in Bled, Slovenia:

  • The stroll around the lake is about 6km and takes about 2 hours walking at a relaxing pace. It’s definitely an amazing workout to do, offers multiple vantage points of the island and dozens of photo opportunities.

  • In case you prefer a family-friendly, tourist train swathes around the lake making 45 trips daily and takes about 45 minutes. You can also splurge on a romantic horse-drawn carriage ride around the entire lake and up to the castle.

  • From the month of June to August, the lake water is warmed by mild thermal springs and so you can go swimming, embark on boats or just relax off on the banks quietly!

  • Bled Castle - This ancient fortress is a real delight, as it sits high on top of a steep cliff about 100m above the lake. There are ramparts, towers, moats and a huge terrace granting spectacular views. Don’t miss!

  • Bled Island - A small tear-shaped island lying in the middle of the lake, accessible only by rowboat or gondola. Make sure to check out the church and venture up on the south side of the staircase. You’ll get to know it by the crazy number of steps!

  • Church of the Assumption - This is a beautiful baroque church having a mysterious folklore past. Check out the photos and learn about its story. There is also a tiny museum on the island exhibiting traditional costumes and some history of the area.

Day 6: A Day Trip to Škofja Loka

Choosing just one option from all the possible day trips from Ljubljana seems like an impossible task. One of the easiest trips is a quick one day tour out to the beautiful ancient town of Škofja Loka.

Experiencing the beauty of Škofja Loka is as simple as allowing yourself to get lost in the ageless streets. Besides reaching up to Škofja Loka Castle and its Loka Museum, discover Capuchin Bridge north of the old town to click that classic postcard of Škofja Loka.

Day 7: Day Trip to Kamnik and Velika Planina

One of the best sites in entire Slovenia to uncover Slovenia’s past is in Velika Planina located outside of the town of Kamnik. For its Old Town and two castle ruins - Mali Grad and Stari Grad, the town of Kamnik is definitely worthy of a day trip. Head out to Velika Planina and soon you’ll declare this day a huge winner.

While in Velika Planina, make sure not to miss the “herdsmen’s settlement.” This tiny village which is characterized by its conventional pine-shingled huts swings back into action in the starting of every summer in June.

This quirky village of Velika Planina resembles something you would find in a fairytale than in a modern European country and is bound to spellbind you.

If you have any queries regarding traveling in Slovenia or planning a visit to the country, you can fill out the inquiry form or contact us at and we’ll try to answer them for you as soon as possible. For more travel inspiration, read all our articles for some amazing trips around the world. 

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