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Author: Srikanth Krishna on Sep 21,2018

A country like Slovenia has much more to serve you especially when it comes to the views of Lake Bled, Skocjan Caves, Emerald Green Soca River and a lot more with an immense beauty. However, Ljubljana is a one-day stopover on a way towards Croatia. Slovenia is a cosmopolitan capital which comprises a pool of activities. Owing to such specialties, you can easily spend a week here specifically on the Alp’s sunny side.


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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1:


You can make use of Ljubljana to visit Slovenia for some specific reasons such as you can spend the first evening at the shores of the Ljubljanica River and its areas associated with the cafes and restaurants. You can really enjoy here while exploring the unbelievable existence of nature and things.

Day 2:


Wander yourself at the stalls of the Central Market whose open-air section is open from morning 6 to evening 6. Visiting this market is a perfect way to start your journey. Next, lead yourself towards the Ljubljanski Grad which lies at the highest point amid the City of Dragons. Here you will be having a lot of choices to visit:

- Hike 25-30 minutes trails

- Ride the glass Funicular

- Museum of Slovenian History

- Best view of the town from a top of the castle bastion.

- Take a boat cruise from the city center

- Visit local wildlife named coypu, it seems like giant beavers

- Your complete Day 2 will disappear in such a way as if it had just started.

Day 3:


The premier stop of day 3 would be Lake Bohinj which is the largest lake of Slovenia. The second destination would be Church of St. John The Baptist which lies on the eastern banks of the Lake Bohinj. From here, lead yourself towards the Vintgar Gorge. From Bled, you can hire a bike which would take you to the Radovna river comprising breathtaking views in all the weathers. It's called the Šum describing the noise of the waterfalls.

Day 4:


Go for hiking to Ojstrica to see the sunrise. As this place is meant to see the clear sunrise. You can easily spend 2 hours here. Now, return back to Ljubljana, and in the evening, you can wander yourself around the Tivoli Park which is also one of the largest parks in Ljubljana and the city center as well.

Day 5:

Revolve around Slovenia's caves especially the Postojna Caves and Škocjan Caves. Both the caves are a perfect example of Mother Nature power. Both the caves have been formed from a flow of the river, over the past 20 years.

Day 6:


Go to the banks of the So?a River! This river is Slovenia's natural wonder which is exceptionally unbelievable. It also seems like Iceland’s Blue Lagoon comprising a weird water-baby. Hence, it becomes mandatory to believed. From here, head towards the Vrsic mountain pass whose way would automatically take you to the Russian Chapel which was established during an era of World War I. From here, once you arrived at Bovec, you will be having a lot of alternatives to choose from adventures such as:   

- Whitewater rafting

- Canyoning

- Hang gliding

- Kayaking

And much more because everything is available here. Going a way back from Bovec, stop at the Kozjak waterfall which is at 30 minutes walk from a road and is a natural wonder also. 

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