What To Visit On Your Romania Tour - Let's Take A City Break & Visit Dracula's Castle

Author: Srikanth Krishna on Dec 21,2018

The biggest of the Balkan countries, Romania has exciting mountain scenery and a coastline on the Black Sea. It has seen various empires come and go from the Roman and Ottoman to the Austro-Hungarian. If you are planning a trip to Romania then obviously you are also exploring what To visit on your Romania tour. This is a tailormade Romania tour that covers the top historical sites, palaces, museums and castles in Romania.

Tour Highlights

  • Relax in the largest spa in Europe

  • Dinner at the most prestigious restaurant in Bucharest

  • Visit the Parliament Building

  • Visit Peles Castle and Bran Castle (“Dracula’s Castle”)

  • Explore the old town of Brasov

Tour Description

The tour will begin in Bucharest, the capital of Romania. You will get the opportunity to relax in the largest spa in Europe and enjoy your dinner at the most prestigious restaurant in Bucharest.
Visit Castles of Transylvania and enjoy Spa with the largest thermal baths from Europe in Bucharest. Relax with a weekend at the biggest thermal baths in Europe, in Bucharest. Also, visit the Castle of “Dracula” and the Peles Castle in this tour.

Tour Price

Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome To Bucharest

We will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel in the center of Bucharest. During the transfer you will cherish the numerous tourist objectives which will come on your way, including: the Piazza Della Stampa Libera, Via Kiseleff, the Piazza Della Vittoria, the Arc de Triomphe, the Via Della Vittoria, the Piazza Della Rivoluzione along with the palace which was the headquarters of the Romanian Communist Party and from where the dictator took off with the helicopter during the 1989 revolution, the Memorial of the Renaissance, a recent sculptural monument by the Romanian artist Alexandru Ghildus, the Romanian Athenaeum, a renowned concert hall of the end of the 800 realized by a French architect, The Royal Palace, which now house the National Museum of Romanian Art. Today is your free time so you can explore the city at your own.

Day 2: Tour of Bucharest

We will start with visiting the Parliament Building, a grand monument, second only to the Pentagon, built at the behest of the dictator in the 80s of the 900 and for whose creation an entire neighborhood was demolished. This will be followed by a trip to the Historic Center of Bucharest, a fully pedestrian area, with the ruins of the princely fortress of Vlad the Impaler, the 16th century palatine church in Byzantine style, and the Stavropoleos church, an architectural gem of the 18th century, in standard Wallachian style, with significant oriental influences in external decoration. We will then have the delight of seeing the Village Museum, established by a Romanian sociologist and built in 1936 with the collaboration of construction experts, anthropologists, ethnographers, and sociologists from all over Romania. This amazing open-air museum offers the opportunity to explore the lifestyle of the Romanian farmers of the 19th century, their houses, their water mills, and their churches completely made of wood. Here everything is genuine. We will also cherish a wooden Maramures church, which was dismantled and then shifted to the museum. In this regard, remember that many wooden churches of Maramures are listed in the UNESCO heritage.  The afternoon is your free time so you can relax at the largest spa in Europe, which is located in three different areas: ELYSIUM area with its 6 saunas, each with its own theme, 1 pool to relax with selenium and zinc that also includes a pool bar, the shower area also known as the Fiore d’Eva, 3 massage areas and the Elysium restaurant. The air has the temperature of a summer day and when you enter the pool water you will feel the whole body relaxing at a temperature of 33 degrees. There is also a family oriented area Galaxy, which is stretched with an area of 4000 square meters with slides, chromotherapy, salt & light therapy. If you like we can also book a dinner in the most prestigious restaurant in the capital, Caru Cu Bere, which means the Carro with Beer, where you will have a wonderful time enjoying the folklore show that will be performed during dinner and where you will taste great traditional Romanian food. The beer served here is authentic and the recipe is secret. The restaurant building is gorgeously decorated inside in Art Deco style and with paintings portraying scenes of bucolic and German life.

Day 3: Peles Castle, Bran Castle (“Dracula’s Castle”) and the old town of Brasov

We will start in the morning to visit the two most prestigious castles of Transylvania: Peles Castle, Bran Castle (“Dracula’s Castle”) and the old town of Brasov.
Our first stop will be Sinaia, where we will visit the Peles Castle, a jewel of eclectic architecture dominated by the neo-renaissance German style. Stained glass windows with pictures of German fables, Murano glass chandeliers, valuable wood, and gold carvings or walls covered in Cordoba leather, Sevres porcelain, and ivory sculptures create the picture of the favorite house of the royal family and especially of Queen Elizabeth. We continue the trip with a visit to the Bran Castle where we must explore all the charm of the legend of Dracula; here sits the famous castle that according to tradition housed Count Dracula and inspired the novel by the writer Stoker. Constructed at the beginning as a military fortress, it was owned by Maghiari, Austrians then left abandoned and finally restored to its grandeur only in the twentieth century.

Day 4: Departure

We will transfer you to the airport for your home flight.

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