Discover The Daunting Beauty Of Portugal In A Week

Author: yashovardhan sharma on Sep 24,2018

Portugal is a fascinating Southern European country that’s located on the west of Spain in the Iberian Peninsula. This country is well known for its heart throbbing art, inspiring displays, exotic ingredients, and tanned leather. Due to its geographic location, diverse groups of people have passed through, settled, or invaded the country throughout its long history. The Romans, Carthaginians, Celts, Visigoths, and Moors have all left their mark in Portugal. The result of this is reflected in the country’s culture and architecture. There are many stunning landmarks and castles that adorn the Portuguese countryside, which remind one of a bygone era. The best part is that many of these buildings are well-maintained and most of the travelers visit here every year. It’s always fun walking through the cobbled pathways and stairways that were once trodden by royal members and fearsome warriors.


  • Saunter the enchanting sand dunes of the Sahara Desert at Erg Chebbi, Morocco for an unforgettable sunset

  • Discover the captivating medieval grandeur of Europe’s second oldest capital city of Lisbon, Portugal to view a mixture of contemporary and traditional culture

  • See the oldest known map to include America, located in a museum in Madrid

  • Witness the traditional techniques used for tanning leather in the Moroccan city of Fez

  • Embrace the Moroccan spirit as embodied in the continued traditions of Marrakech's Medina and Djemaa El-Fna Square

  • Traverse the decorated halls and courtyards of the Alhambra in Granada to find marble floors, latticed arches, and magnificent fountains

  • Venture to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar for an unparalleled view of the Spanish countryside, Atlantic Ocean, and Moroccan coast

  • Learn about the antique techniques used to create the celebrated 16th-century art from inside a tile factory

  • Tour the world’s third largest mosque to take in the sensational embellishments and the tallest minaret in the world

  • Explore the narrow cobblestone lanes and whitewashed homes of Seville, which all lead to the majestic portals of the captivating Cathedral  


(Day 1): Lisbon – Arrive in Portugal’s Bustling and Beautiful Capital City of Lisbon

(Day 2): Lisbon – Enjoy a Full Day Private Tour of Lisbon’s Historic Neighborhoods

(Day 3): Seville – Visit a Traditional Tile Workshop en route to Seville, Spain  

(Day 4): Seville – Explore the Marvelous Streets, Architecture, and Culture of Seville  

(Day 5): Casablanca – Fly to Rabat to Tour the Capital City en route to Casablanca  

(Day 6): Marrakesh – Relish a Half-Day Tour of Casablanca and Drive to Marrakech  

(Day 7): Marrakesh – Delight in the Spirit of Morocco while Exploring Marrakesh 

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Our private tours typically range from $500 - $1000 per person/per night depending on chosen hotels and room categories, vehicles used, types of tours, flight cost, time of year and other factors. Make an inquiry for a customized trip quote.

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Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Lisbon – Arrive in Portugal’s Capital City

Stepping into the beauty of steep hills, charming cobbled streets, and mouth watering dishes, you will find that Lisbon is one of Europe’s most charismatic capitals. With the multiple options for accommodation, you can find it hard searching the ideal place for you to start with. This city enhances the title of the second oldest capital on the continent, after Athens. A statue of Saint Vincent is the symbol of Lisbon that depicts the patron of the city. Once you have arrived at Lisbon Humberto Delgado Airport, your private transfer will greet you. After then, you will be escorted to your hotel that offers views to the oldest building in the Lisbon, the Cathedral. After check-in, you will be taken to the most exotic places in Lisbon, ranging from the waters of the Rio Tejo to the White domes of old Cathedrals. 

Day 2: Lisbon – Lisbon’s Historic Neighborhoods

You can start your second day of your tour with the exotic aroma of freshly brewed coffee emanates from the popular cafes hidden in the alleys of the shopping district known as Chiado. After your breakfast, your travel guide will lead you on a private tour of the city’s historical streets.  The Belem Tower is one of Portugal’s most iconic symbols. It is listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. The tower is actually a fortress that was built in 1515 to defend Lisbon from any type of attack that passes through the Tagus River. The ticket aims to fast track your entrance to the structure and skip the long lines. It allows you to get to the top floor where you get the best view of the Belem District. You get information on what role the structure played as a passage to the city during its rich history. 

Day 3: Seville – En Route to Seville, Spain  

The capital of the autonomous region of Andalusia in Spain, Seville is a vibrant city. The city’s historical treasures are fascinating to explore and one cannot help but be seduced by the rhythm of the flamenco. Being the capital of the region, it is also efficiently connected to many modes of transportation, making it an ideal base from which to discover the awaiting charms of southern Spain. From Seville, most people go on to Granada. However, the surrounding towns closer to Seville offer so much more than what most people know. 


Day 4: Seville – Explore the Marvelous Architecture, and Culture of Seville  

The ancient port city of Cádiz is built on a narrow strip of land and is almost entirely surrounded by water. Built from colonial riches, Cádiz Cathedral stands majestically on the seafront, with its dome glittering gold in the late afternoon sun. However, not all that glitters is gold; the dome is not made from gold, but rather, from glazed yellow tiles. The cathedral houses a museum and the tomb of one of the greatest Spanish composers from the 20th century, Manuel de Falla. Climb up the winding ramp to the bell tower and you will be rewarded with sweeping views of the city and coastline. Visit the Oratory de la Santa Cueva, an underground neoclassical church, and descend into the subterranean chapel or admire the three paintings by the great Spanish painter Goya in the lavish upper chamber. 

Day 5: Casablanca – Fly to Rabat 

After your breakfast, your private transfer will escort you to Seville Airport for your flight to Rabat, which is the capital of Morocco. A distant place bursting at its seams with exotic locations, breathtaking landscapes, and a desert-hot sun - all these great features make up the beautiful and golden world of Rabat, Morocco. Often depicted as a gorgeous gem hidden from the greedy eyes of the world, Rabat is located right on the Atlantic Ocean nearby other extremely busy destinations, such as the magical Casablanca or Rabat twin city named Sale. Rabat is a lovely tourist destination and a matchless summer resort offering wonderful outdoor activities. 

Day 6: Marrakesh – Drive to Marrakech

You can explore the beauty of colorful city, Marrakech. It is a beautiful city in western Morocco. When night falls, you can get a glimpse of the vibrant nightlife. The markets are decorated with bright lights and friendly tradesmen selling colourful jewellery, carpets, and wooden ornaments. Marrakech has encountered a steep increase in tourism since its airport was built. It plays a key role in Morocco’s economy and culture. While you don’t want to miss out all that Marrakech has to offer, the surrounding region also offers much to explore. You can enjoy the entire day in exploring and capturing the beauty in your camera. 

Day 7: Marrakesh – Delight in the Spirit of Morocco 

On the last day of your trip, you can enjoy the spirit of the city of Marrakesh that embodies the history and culture of Morocco. There are many amazing things to do in Marrakech. If you love history, you must visit the Bahia Palace, Koutoubia Mosque and the Saadian tombs. Each destination should be visited with a tour guide who can give detailed explanations and an understanding of the importance behind these significant sites. You can easily book one from your hotel for a good price. Bahia Palace is situated near the Medina. If you are interested in art and design, you will love the unique detail this Palace has to offer. Each room is full of colours and exquisite lavishness. You will also find small gardens scattered around the palace. It was built in the 19th century with the hope of it becoming the greatest Palace of all times and to capture the essence of the Islamic and Moroccan style. It is still used by the royal family from time to time but is mainly for the tourists who wish to learn about the history of Marrakech. 

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